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    MIUI 11 on Mi 5c

    Hi fellow users of this once competitive device, unfortunately our phone won't make it to MIUI 11 although there will be Chinese ROMs due to the fact it is based on Android 7.1. Although that is a sad decision I think we should thank the developers of for their efforts all those years...
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    Emergency Cell Broadcast

    Thanks for your answer. The latest for Mi 5c is 10.2 :( My intention is to stay with stable ROM in Mi 5c. It is a tricky phone (the only one with a Pinecone) so a dev ROM is not my first option. So I guess it is possible to have it in the next stable update.
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    Emergency Cell Broadcast

    Hi, I can't find the emergency broadcasts in my Mi 5c (10.2 stable) although it's easily accessible in my Mi Pad 4 (10.5 dev ). It's a very critical feature, potentially a life saving one. Any ideas?
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    *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* crash

    I think that Mi Pad 4 is not yet optimized for using it. I had the same problem.
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    Anyone still there?

    I 've just checked it out, I have it too. How it affects the call quality?
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    Anyone still there?

    I haven't noticed it that one mate.
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    Anyone still there?

    Me too! 10.3 right?
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    Anyone still there?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there are still any active users of Mi 5c. From the very beginning we were a small community but with such an innovative device, at least within Xiaomi fans. I'm happy with my own Mi 5c and I 'll use it as far as it is updated. What about yours, are you still in touch?
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    Face Unlock bug

    MIUI 10.2 is a great update but the face unlock feature seems that doesn't work. Every time I use it, it throws me to the lock screen. Anyone has a similar experience?
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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Face Unlock is coming to Mi 5c (8.12.20)

    Tnx so much for supporting our small community. You are amazing and it's so important for a device that never got an official global ROM.
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    Mi 5c Roms, Known Issues And Bug Reporting

    Much better experience with MIUI 10. More RAM left (300MB more), visually better, better battery duration, faster cause of the AI which monitor your most used apps...In overall, a great update.
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    Rom v 9.6 please....!

    A totally essential update because MIUI 10 news for Mi 5c are not good. Mi 5c developer team seems that it has been dispanded.
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    Gps Issue

    I have problems with GPS only when I use the smartphone's GPS for running. It has a relatively good accuracy for driving apps, Google Maps etc. I have the latest stable from (9.5.2).
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    Mi 5c Roms, Known Issues And Bug Reporting

    Hi to the small and somehow struggling (due to non global ROM, zoom bug etc.) community of Mi 5c :) It has been a while that the chinese ROM is released and I'm wondering if it will have been a Xiaomi EU version too in the near future. It seems that it takes longer than usual. Do you think that...