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    MIUI 14 23.1.9/10

    why are the ROMs usually so late? the version code says january 9 but was released on 15. i've noticed the official chinese roms are late in the first place but makes no sense. why not use proper codes for release date?
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    MIUI 14 23.1.3

    I didn't format and no issues. Also forgot to wipe cache
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    MIUI 14 23.1.3

    flashed on 12 pro (zeus) without issues using 3.6.2_12-Mi12Pro_v6.0_A13-zeus-skkk.img magisk works without issues, flashed 25.2 apk renamed to zip
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    [Shared] TWRP by skkk for Xiaomi 12Pro (zeus)

    thanks. i tried most but they didn't work (fastboot stuck) recovery version of android 13 v6.0 did the trick tho
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    [Shared] TWRP by skkk for Xiaomi 12Pro (zeus)

    it says not found. do you have any other working link?
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    Mi 11 no more image after trying to flash update

    hi all, I recently tried to update my Mi 11 to 13.0.9 with the TWRP (twrp-3.6.2_12-v3.9_A12-venus-skkk.img) that was in one of the bigger threads on this website (sorry, i can't find it anymore but it had a link to androidfilehost with all xiaomi devices). After trying to flash the update, I had...