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  1. AndyIreland

    How can i set a particular tone for voicemail message? xiaomi 6 note pro

    Hello, i am sure I managed to do this on other androids but on my Note 6 Pro with miui10 if I go into 'voicemal' settings i can select the default number to dial for voicemail but i cannot see where I can change the notification tone to one I want. only vibrate 'on or off' How can I change...
  2. AndyIreland

    Looks like the LCD screen is going faulty on my Redmi Note 5

    I am writing this on 17th November 2019 and the manufacturers one year warranty runs out on 20th November 2019 , so its cutting it fine but it looks like my LCD screen is starting to fail. out of the blue starting yesterday now when I turn on my Redmi Note 5 (whyred) after about 10 seconds the...