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  1. Khanh1289

    Port for LG Optimus 2X?

    as popular as the g2x is getting.. im sure it'll come :) however, i have to be honest.. the g2x attracts me with vanilla android 2.2 stunning device
  2. Khanh1289

    Donate Mark for new phone to continue development of MIUI 1.3.11 Gingerbread?

    mark not having the nexus s is not the problem.. even if he has the nexus s, his capabilities of porting it to other phones are limited... i might be wrong but MIUI is not an open source so all mark does mostly is deodexed then translate the rom.. which is a lot of work.. dont get me wrong. all...
  3. Khanh1289

    (Q) nexus s

    i believe this week it will.. because this week MIUI will be 2.3.3 instead of 2.2
  4. Khanh1289

    Gingerbread MIUI is coming!!

    it sounded like they will release it base on cm7 compatibility with the device.. the more stable cm7 release for such device, then that's the device MIUI will release first running 2.3.3. Cant wait for my shut off animation! it's amazing!!
  5. Khanh1289

    2-18-11 Official Release Notes

    you missing the new battery monitoring.. pretty much the biggest change..
  6. Khanh1289

    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    do whatever you feel like but you guys keep in mind that the original chinese dev did ALL this for free, they live base on very little ads and a lot of community support. I believe the key to a good ROM/app is friendly developers who's not all about getting money. My recommendation is do the...
  7. Khanh1289

    YouTube upload?

    i dont think it's just you.. i cant neither
  8. Khanh1289

    Swype beta causing random reboots

    swype beta sucks for me, i have to use to crack version..
  9. Khanh1289

    MIUI Changelog for 22nd week 1.1.21

    it looks like this is the release of the new UI :) hopefully it's not too buggy, they did note it will be a couple hours delay trying to fix the bugs..
  10. Khanh1289

    MIUI Changelog for 22nd week 1.1.21

    Full change log for 1.1.21 Note: Because the test more bug fixes, released today, the time will be delayed one to two hours. Recommended features: 1. Stability and performance optimization - Optimize memory use, so that when the multi-screen desktops in more stable (there are many screens for...
  11. Khanh1289

    MIUI Changelog for 22nd week 1.1.21

    this is the "New Years" as in Chinese New Years release so I am expecting a big change. Not so sure about 2.3 since it was mention only a few things from 2.3 will be implemented, not necessarily the whole rom. I do like the screen turn off animation from gingerbread, so much that I'm thinking...
  12. Khanh1289

    MIUI Changelog for 22nd week 1.1.21

    and hopefully the new kernel will give us a smoother UI
  13. Khanh1289

    [App Review] MIUI supported browser UC Browser

    Try out UC browser from the market. I believe this browser will be implemented with future miui releases.
  14. Khanh1289

    Miui 0.1.14 release notes

    Looking forward to flashing this, sounds great with all those bugs fixes. Also, updated app2sd yay :)
  15. Khanh1289

    [App Review] MIUI supported browser UC Browser

    So MIUI is supporting a browser created by Chinese Devs called UC browser. Both Chinese and English versions are in the market; however, the Chinese version is more updated. Anyways, after using it for 5 minutes, I have to say that I like Miren Browser a lot more due to performance/speed. The...
  16. Khanh1289

    MIUI 1.7.0 Early Release Notes?

    im guessing the new ui will release along with gingerbread features.. dont expect it until at least 2 more updates
  17. Khanh1289

    MIUI 1.7.0 Early Release Notes?

    Full Changelog Recommended features: 1. coming network disk to download!Charged with auto focus and focus MIUI camera, although very young, but it is a force! Suggestions everyone to test it! 2. Stability - SIM card issues program ran - SMS text messages to block the last issue - The...
  18. Khanh1289

    How To Properly Say "miui"?

    I pronounce it M I U I
  19. Khanh1289

    honeycome music with miui....

    it's already been leaked, i been using it for the past 3 days, no major bugs that i can tell
  20. Khanh1289

    New Server

    it is alot faster, special thanks to rasengan, and mark for your hard work :)