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  1. Skaven

    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.11.2 Changelog

    Any news when the miui update to Galaxy S3 is coming out?
  2. Skaven

    Release MIUI Multi-Lang ROM 2.7.13 [ICS]

    So when is swedish lang going to be releast? // Sorry about My spelning i'm Dyslectic \\
  3. Skaven

    Release MIUI ROM 2.7.13

    i haw the same problem, and im using EU Model
  4. Skaven

    i rely love miui, but i rely hate miui

    i rely love miui, but i rely hate miui because the donut implement custom phone number names like 1 of my friends haw multi mobile numbers and i need to known whits number is to home and work and so on, like i can name the work number ( work number Name Telia ) ( home number Name hos hans...
  5. Skaven

    Miui Lovers!!! **1 Thing you hate about Miui Rom that you would like fixed??**

    i rely hate miui dount support custom names on phone numbers in phone book, i haw meny friends whit more then 1 mobile number, so it is rely hell to remember whits mobile number is mobile number to work and home mobile nr i haw over 150 contacts in my phone book
  6. Skaven

    Camera application issues

    i haw the same problem when i try d to us google goggles, what i dead to fix it, uninstall goggles and reboot phone
  7. Skaven

    custom name on telephone number ?

    hello i´m wondering if it exists eney way to add a custom name on telephone number, because i haw*over*100 contacts in my contact list and many of them haw more the 2 mobile numbers, i haw added a pic explaining // Sorry About My Spelling i`m Dyslectic //