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  1. stetor

    MIUI 12.6 21.5.26/27

    MI 10 Upgraded to 21.5.27 from 21.3.24 Unlucky in this last version the Miracast don't work anymore the connection reboot the phone ....i don't know in what version this function stopped to work but in the 21.3.24 worked very well... I must rollback to some other version because I need the...
  2. stetor

    New Camera app don't remember latest setup when called from "A" button (and other bugs)

    Hi Dev Team :) I would post a bunch of little but annoying bug that appeared from the first version of MIUI 12. The testing device is the MI 9 with latest weekly MIUI 12. NB: i've programmed the "A" button to launch the camera app with a long press bug list : 1) if i log press the "A" button...
  3. stetor

    MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 - First MIUI 12

    i've done a dirty upgrade and all goes well ... i suggest always to remove the lock password before the major upgrade
  4. stetor

    MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 - First MIUI 12

    I've only two word : - wonderful ! - thank you ! I've just upgraded my MI8, all perfect and the new Miui 12 is amazing ! now i'm upgrading my MI9 ... hope all goes well also on this FYI, i've done a dirty upgrade from MIUI 10 to latest MIUI 11 and from MIUI 11 to this MIUI 12 :)
  5. stetor


    Mi8 me to, same bug also when watch the email and also some email appear empty but aren't ... Is this the right place to post the bug ?
  6. stetor


    I did the same (only not activated the flighmode but i don't think this make the difference) ... unlucky the mi8 restarted again the twrp when tried to load the new firmware ... maybe the difference is in the language or in some app installed because the restart is after some minutes when the UI...
  7. stetor


    Hi DeepBlue2000 and thank you for your reply, i know but the new firmware never started otherwise the antirollback apply so i thinked that i can also revert without problem ... why ? other times i've upgraded (also from major andorid release) and always mainteined my app and data ... why...
  8. stetor


    HI, same problem here but after the rollback to 8.8.30 my camera don't work anynore and also the gyroscope (so the compass or the screen rotation don't work) ... very sad luckily the anti rollback don't apply (never full started) otherwise we must risk the hard brick ! bye
  9. stetor


    Installed from 8.8.30 ... have had great problem ... the install goes well as usually but the MI8 after some minutes with the three dots running, restart in TWRP ... tried more time, nothing. Checked the MD5 and it match ... reinstalled the 8.8.30 and now the camera don't work and also the...