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    xiaomi mi 9 se EU ROM
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    [Help] Back to stock miui 10 via TWRP?

    Ad. 3 Stock Miui = China Rom, you don't need the lazyflasher but you should "format data/factory reset" before flashing(twrp) or with MiFlash - wipe all & flash. Data partition will be encrypted. Ad. 4 Yes, you can wipe cache & dalvik. Btw: Miui isn't odexed and it does not matter with wipe...
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    Can't update the ROM From the OP(1st post): Installation via TWRP: - Download zip to internal storage - Updater - Menu (...) - Reboot to Recovery - Install - Select zip - Reboot - Done
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    MIUI 10 China Stable is out!

    On Xda are files for fastboot, here for TWRP. (I think)
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    Global Official ROM?

    We have two dedicated Custom Roms - LOS 16 and Mokee: and much more Treble Roms(Arm 64 A): I'm on AICP from begining.
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    Battery Drain on Mi note 3

    8.11.1 build is one of the best for bettery life I've ever had. I think your problems are from synchronisation with Xiaomi account, I don't use it, only for wifi passwords. @low_cura
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    the fastboot mode dont stay on

    Yes, I have it too, but connected to PC it doesn't. Moto E² turning off after 5 min.
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    the fastboot mode dont stay on

    This is your Windows bug. I have Gigabyte Brix PC & Win 7, it has only usb 3.0 ports. Mi Note 3, Moto E², Moto G³, Mi Pad 4, Nvidia K1 - all was flashed with fastboot.
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    No wifi 5Ghz in my Mipad 4 with miui EU

    Try another channel in router.
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    On Mi Note 3 I can't disable Power Menu on lock screen. Mi Pad 4(AICP), Moto E², G³ - I can disable/enable. It is bug, as Quick Settings on Lock Screen at older builds.
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    Mi Note 3. The power menu is available on the lock screen - despite the pin, fingerprint etc. Developers options at the end: "High-risk feature is enabled" - what is this?
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    the fastboot mode dont stay on

    Connected to PC will stay. Drivers - install MiFlash & connect once, you can also flash China Rom without locking Bootloader.
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    When will be available?

    Elstar Shop? Only China Miui can be with locked Bootloader.
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    MIUI Stable

    No, it is RN4X. Mi Note 3 will not get Miui Eu 9.6.x.
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    Mi Pad 4 Ambient light sensor "problem"

    If you do not flash China Rom with MiFlash you will not know if the error is related to the software or the subassembly. After checking you will return to Miui Eu.
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    Mi Pad 4 Ambient light sensor "problem"

    You should flash China Rom with fastboot(MiFlash) or recovery. Don't relock Bootloader!!!
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    Need format sd card as internal or a way to do so

    On Miui it is impossible.
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    Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus ROM support

    Your build number? Region? Etc...
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    Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus ROM support

    Here you can try: Change PL to IN(or US) and reboot. India or USA. Now I have AICP I had stable China & Eu too - themes app also didn't work.
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    Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus ROM support

    Can you show(or upload) here build.prop? /System/build.prop