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    Release MIUI ROM 2.3.30 ROMS [ICS] & [GB]

    Don't know about for the ICS roms, but for Gingerbread............... Miui has built in A2SD+, which is essentially Dark Tremor's A2SD. To use it, make an ext partition on your sd card. I typically use 1 GB, but it supports 2GB and perhaps larger. A2SD+ seems to prefer ext3 partitions. It is...
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    nexus one dalvik

    Next time you flash the rom, download terminal emulator from the market. Enter "su" and then "a2sd cachesd" and it will move the dalvik over to your sd-ext (assuming you have an ext3 partition on your sd card, if you didn't make one either do so or DON'T do this).
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    [solved]know somebody can help, please

    I think I would wipe the phone heavily. Open ClockworkMod Recovery. Do the standard wipe/factory reset. Do it at least twice. Now, go to advanced, then wipe dalvik cache. Back out of there and go into mounts and storage and format sd-ext, format system and format boot. Now back out of...
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    Apps not installing on Sd card.

    Ben; My recommendation is to use clockworkmod recovery/rom manager to partition the sd card and retry. BACK UP YOUR CARD BEFORE DOING THIS!!!!! It will wipe everything. If you don't have rom manager on your phone, load it from market. Now just click the partition sd card tab. Rom...
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    Apps not installing on Sd card.

    Ben; My s***estion is to use amon-ra to partition the sd card and retry. BACK UP YOUR CARD BEFORE DOING THIS!!!!! It will wipe everything. If you don't have rom manager on your phone, load it from market. Now just click the partition sd card tab. Rom manager will make an ext3 by default...
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    [Q] does official Chinese MIUI Rom support English

    The answer is yes, sort of. If you load the rom, it will appear in english on your device. However, once you flash it, you should let it settle for a few minutes to build the caches and then reboot, just about everything will be in English then. Next, -Change the Date/Time settings. It will...
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    a2sd+ is it enough?

    Yes it moves the Dalvik. But generally that is not enough if you have a lot of apps. The first thing I do after flashing the rom is sign in to market, download Terminal Emulator, and then run "su" followed by a2sd install and it will then move apps over as you load them. I have well over a...
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    Insufficient Storage available to install apps - SGS

    I have had this happen. The only thing that worked for me was to, redownload the rom and reflash it. I did a complete wipe including /system and then flashed the rom. Everything else I tried did not seem to fix it. Good luck.
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    How do Xiaomi and this website make money, or at least survive?

    :) trust me, if governments wanted to spy on you, they don't need carrier IQ. Seem to recall reading about eschalon or some such thing. If you are that concerned about carrier IQ, use CM7, they don't load it on.
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    miui theme changer - slow downloading?

    That has always been my experience. Generally I can download an entire rom over wifi on my nexus one (say 90mb) faster than I can download a theme (8 or 9 mb). They download slow and always have for me.
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    MIUI V4 Question...

    Probably no answer because no one knows. Generally, roms are released by devs when they are ready :) If it is not ready, you don't want it anyway. Patience is not a virtue I have, but one I must endure. Who knows, perhaps they will have a nice Christmas or New Years present for you.
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    HTC desire stuck at HTC splash screen after updates

    When I have problems, I download the whole rom, wipe everything, then go into mounts and storage and wipe /boot and /system and then flash the new rom. That generally fixes it. Honestly, rather than use the updates, I prefer to download the rom, clear dalvik and cache and flash the rom from...
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    Help External SD

    1st I would try to rule out that the problem is with the sd card, and 2nd rule out it is with the phone hardware. If you put the sd card in card reader (or another phone) and connect it to PC, does it work? Can you access files? That should give at least some indication if the card is...
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    Help please! i installed glitch kernel for cm7/miui and my phone is stuck in bootloop

    Since I don't see what phone you have.... can't you pull the battery, boot into recovery and flash a backup (hoping that you made one) or just wipe and reflash the rom?
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    HELP!!! Miui ROM rooting on a Samsung Fascinate(Verizen)

    You are welcome, Glad they helped. Generally XDA or Cyanogenmod's wiki has just about anything related to rooting, etc. Always a good place to start.
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    HELP!!! Miui ROM rooting on a Samsung Fascinate(Verizen)

    From XDA: is the Samsung Fascinate section This may be of help: How To Recover Your Fascinate From Any Brick, And Rooting Methods Good Luck
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    Confused, need help.

    Either make a folder as some have suggested (long press on empty part of screen until the preview menu loads, drag the folder icon up onto a screen, hit the back arrow to exit preview, and drag the offending icons you want hidden in the folder. You can rename folders and move them to other...
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    why choose miui ?

    Installation guide for Miui? There are probably posts on here about that :) But a quick reader's quide summary...... ** This assumes you have root and recovery set up** - Download the rom to your computer for your phone from the Roms link above - Connect phone to PC and copy rom to...
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    Go back to factoryrom??

    Odd that it would be in chinese, since the dev's here put it in english - it happens though from time to time, Stupid question here, did you reboot? Whenever I have had chinese in the miui rom, once you reboot the english usually returns. If that doesn't work, you could always try loading...
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    Go back to factoryrom??

    I think before you try putting stock back on, I would try reinstalling the rom. That is probably the issue. Boot into recovery and mount the sd card and hook it to the computer. ReDownload the rom from the link at the top of this page and load it on the sd card. Unmount the sd card, and...