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    [MI10] V12.5 discussion & support (V12.5.8.0)

    Good to hear that it works for you now. Still strange that it didnt work with the normal zip file. I always Dirty flash the new update, then immediately flash the Magisk zip and as the final step clean Dalvik/Cache. If your OCing your GPU, then you need to create a new flashable boot file...
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    [MI10] V12.5 discussion & support (V12.5.8.0)

    I just used the same old files from this guide I only had a bootloop, when I flashed my "old" overclocked boot.img from KonaBess
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    [MI10] V12.5 discussion & support (V12.5.8.0)

    Yes, I just reflashed Magisk after a dirty flash
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    [MI10] V12.5 discussion & support (V12.5.8.0)

    Hi all I just wanted to let you all know, that I get Safetynet API Error with this build in Magisk, unless I update to the Canary version. At the begining it was fine with stable or beta, too but today I recognized something was wrong and tried different things. Upading to Canary solved my issue
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    Mi 10 Ultra GPU driver / Game Boost for Mi 10?

    hello all, I'd like to know, if it is possible to port the Game Turbo App from Mi 10 Ultra and its GPU driver to a normal Mi 10? By doing this I hope that we are able to squeeze a bit more power and have more configs available for our Mi 10. Is this possible and is the Ultra Game Turbo worth...
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    AX3600 no Dual Stack?

    hello all, currently I am using the AX3600 with the latest Global FW and I am pretty happy with it except for one thing. It looks like it doesnt support Dual Stack? I use it as a router behind my cable modem. I have a public IPv6 and IPv4 provided by my provider, but strangely as soon I...