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    New MI9- Custom launchers notification badges don't work

    I am a custom launcher user since a long time ago and, for every phone I use Nova Launcher Prime with same setup. Using any custom launcher the user experience for me is significantly better then default launcher this is why I want to stick to it. Now using a Global Xiaomi Mi9 running on latest...
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    Fingerprint unlock from turned off screen doesn't work, it works only after turning on the screen.
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    New [9.1.10] FIFA game from Google Playstore issue

    I am seriously thinking about returning stock.
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    New [9.1.10] FIFA game from Google Playstore issue

    Recently switch to Xiaomi.EU and facing a deep problem as written in the title. FIFA Game, the only game I play on the MI8 is crashing, immediately after the first screen. I want to highlight that this worked on 8.12.20 and in the next builds this issue occurred and it is still present. Any...
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    FIFA game from Playstore still not working since 8.12.27, lastly worked on 8.12.20. Does anybody have any idea what happened ?