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  1. Svashtar

    Lockscreen gone

    Hi, i am using MIUI_Au for my Desire and all of a sudden my lockscreen has just gone. It doesn't matter whether i press power button or trackpad, phone just wakes up directly to my home screen. Any ideas?
  2. Svashtar

    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    Just donated. Waiting for beta tester invite :) lalala
  3. Svashtar

    SMS drafts, recommended

    Hi, maybe i am wrong, but there seems to be no option to save a draft of an SMS message ... if I am wrong, can someone let me know how can I save a message to be sent later. I am using latest MIUI build (1.1.26) and i can also see there is a new "recommended" section in SMS app ... what is...
  4. Svashtar

    Locksreen "lag"

    Yup, i think this is a it seems this is a side effect of underclocking. Maybe someone else can try it and post observations... Ondemand governor seems to be quite slow in general.
  5. Svashtar

    Locksreen "lag"

    I think this is due to SetCPU settings.... I have a profile of powersaving when in sleep, and ondemand when not in sleep and i guess it takes a while to switch profiles, because if i don't immediately slide it to unlock (lets say 3 or 4 seconds) i think it works quite OK. Just an...
  6. Svashtar

    Locksreen "lag"

    Hi, i am facing "lags" (don't know how to call it) on the lockscreen when i unlock my phone...sometimes it is not responsive for few seconds after phone is out of sleep and than works just fine, and sometimes even when it does respond, it takes few moments to actually go up or down - depends...