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    Bluetooth Music too quit

    maybe it's something that's gone wrong with your ROM, but if not, I rooted to install JamesDSP for better control over volume Don't think there's equivalents for non-roor
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    Android auto error Mix 4 Chines

    If there's one thing about this here site, it's that it isn't about the Chinese ROM
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    Is it worth it buying now?

    Battery life is still holding up well for me. Brilliant phone. Can't see me replacing it til the Mix 4
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    Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 - bloatware on Android 12

    Not great I've just gone to settings, update ... You can go to Update Settings within the Update part and switch off Download and Install Automatically Hopefully this does it. Maybe a factory reset puts you back.
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    New Google Drive backup bug? Backup gone after reboot [updated]

    If Google was a company relatively useful in terms of support it would be useful to ask them for logs of what accesses your drive space at the time the backup is deleted.
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    New Google Drive backup bug? Backup gone after reboot [updated]

    Serverside Google should have a copy
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    Invalid What's behind slow hardware buttons on latest weekly?

    Another thread said it reproduces on the Mi 11 Ultra if that helps?
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    Invalid What's behind slow hardware buttons on latest weekly?

    New bug this. mix 4 only ever had weeklies Volume keys has a couple seconds delay. I don't like gestures so got on screen buttons. Back takes easily a full second. But software apps don't. Let's say I use Firefox's Back - instant On screen OS back? A delay I haven't wiped cache in a...
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    TWRP unofficial build released for MIX 4

    Yes, I haven't updated twrp since writing this and I can still install weekly . Or stable in your case. You are just tethered when you use twrp is all
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    Adaptive screen refresh rate not working correctly?

    Mix 4, rooted, haven't changed much... Stuck at 60fps on this rom Had it side by side by my Mi 10 Ultra and the difference is stark
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    TWRP unofficial build released for MIX 4

    Yep just do it once don't install it, Run it, install what you need, unplug and go about your life
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    MIUI 13 22.6.22

    Mix 4 refresh rate can only go as high as 60fps
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    MIUI 13 update not going well

    If you want to try a new ROM (and I think you basically have to at this point) you will have to unlock the bootloader. Have you used the Mi Unlock tool to start the authorisation process? It does not happen without this step Re-locking the bootloader for your phone is possible...
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    Front camera - different color on the screen

    There is a cover on the unboxed Mix 4 which needs removing. It accentuates the notch hole, because it is a protective cover for shipping. I rarely if ever see my notch, no. Even at angles like in the post here. It's probably the best feature. There is hardly any compromise. So you were right...
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    Mi mix 4 keep restarting/freezing

    When I have seen this it is usually down to a specific app. For me it was Greenify, which is dead, but makes me think a sufficiently outdated app could cause this behaviour So when you say "installing some apps". Maybe it's one of these. Does it happen without installing any apps? Can you...
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    Where have you bought Mix 4? Is worth to buy or not? are reliable. Trading Shenzen is where I got mine, just as Liaow were out of stock As above you need to put this ROM on it. The default software is usable but it very... China. With bloatware and such and some apps unable to be set to English One thing about importing phones. Chinese...
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    Fastboot not working - adb working

    This sounds like the phone drivers on Windows to me - Windows can't connect to the device, so it's Windows where you solve it I've had similar. Basically go into Device Manager - when your phone is connected you should see an ANDROID entry pop up If it has a yellow exclamation you need to...
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    MIUI 13 update not going well

    Is using USB out of the question? I am thinking of other ways to solve this like installing twrp to flash the rom but it is difficult. Updater app is not always great in my experience
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    MIUI 13 22.4.6/7

    I'd love to see this baked into the ROM. Or used as inspiration. Unsure how doable though, given this requires root.
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    MIUI 13 22.4.6/7

    Firefox is crashing when I highlight a word and search. Mix 4 only, not on my Mi 10 Ultra. Weird. Might be a mix of swift key and Firefox, I've sent Mozilla crash errors as if that'll help!