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  1. BlackMi

    Storage Partition messed up

    Hi, i have just flashed the Xiaomi EU Rom as descriped, everything boots fine, but now the internal storage is a complete mess when i try to access it on my PC (see picture), do you guys have any solution ?
  2. BlackMi

    Always On Display - Edge notifications

    Hello everyone, i would love to see a always on edge notifications like on samsung note 9, unfortunatley i am not able to do something like this, so i just want to spread the idea maybe there is some way to built this into the ui? i've tested two apps...
  3. BlackMi

    Adb Sideload Not Working

    I wanted to update my rom to rom After unlocking the bootloader and flashing TWRP, i now cannot install the rom, because the zip isn't on the SD anymore! I do not succeed in installing it via fastboot, because i cannot find any img of the rom. So i tried installing it via ADB...