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  1. +DS_DV+

    Mark Said there is a Working Cereus Relase - Where can i download?

    Hi Community, MarkHUK himself stated that if you search long enough youll find a working rom for the Redmi 6 on this very forum. Source: Sadly im not able to :( (Searched for over 2...
  2. +DS_DV+

    Tehmes App missing in MiPad 4 Rom. Where can i find and redownlaod it?

    Hello, the Rom (at least for the MiPad 4) is missing the security and the tehmes app! where can i find those and install them? untill the last few month i rally loved because it makes Xiaomidevices usable. But the Redmi 6 rom makes bootloops the stable Upgrade for the...
  3. +DS_DV+

    MIX 2 MIUI 10 Stable bootloop

    Hi Community, since the new Stable version of released i decided to update (i was on the last stable i guess MIUI9). so i updated my TWRP to the newest version from and flashed the stable rom. Since it takes ages an i only see the MIX logo. after i flashed dm verity and...
  4. +DS_DV+

    TWRP for Redmi 6 cereus (non Pro)

    Hi Community, does any of you have a source for a TWRP img for the normal Redmi 6? only found some shady links in the deeps of google: (source...
  5. +DS_DV+

    First ROM released for MIPAD 4

    Hi fellow MiPad owners, today is the day with the first release of an official ROM. Ver 8.9.6 sadly its not a stable but i belive with the next stable release we are also getting one. Since we are now on snapdragon the support will...
  6. +DS_DV+

    How To Hide App Names ?

    Hello Community, due to my recent detah of my beloved Mi4 i had to buy a new phone. Now on my new MIX2 i also switched from Multirom Dev branch to Stable since OpenGapps work on this one. Now a few tweaks remain so here is my Question: How can i hide those nasty app names in Miui9oero?