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  1. büscher

    [GUIDE] Remap AI Button on Rom

    I found a way to remap the AI button and use it for whatever came to my mind. You will need at least magisk to remap the key, tasker and autoinput if you want to push it further. I will link to my xda-post, so I don't have to write and edit the post twice...
  2. büscher

    Miui V6 + Viper4android + Soundcloud / Not Processing

    Hello community I try to enable Viper4Android for Soundcloud app (v. 15.05.26-release). Viper4Android works for stock player but not for Soundcloud. What I have done: Installed newest Stericson Busybox Disabled DIRAC Removed MusicFX Set SELinux to Permissive Installed Viper4Android (v...