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    Redmi note 4x ... NO PORTRAIT on back camera

    HI Iam using XIAOMI.EU 10.1 STABLE and there is no portrait option on back camera , the portrait option exist only on front camera ???
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    New Still Having Instagram Issue Rn2

    Still having Instagram issue on redmi note 2, scrolling llag after 2-3 minutes of use , i have latest stable , trying clean cache reflashing phone etcc etcc not works
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    From Where To Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 ?

    Hi guys i'am new here , i'am from Albania/Kosovo , I'am interesed to buy a xiaomi redmi note 2 online but i dont know from where to buy , anyone who buy from ********** , or ebay , ******* ,etc , can me tell a trust seller thanxx and i have a question too , does xiaomi redmi note 2 has a...