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    Help installing TWRP on Redmi 6A (cactus) won't run on this phone, so don't bother. Your only option is to use the stock ROM at this stage. There is a MIUIPro for this device, but I think I prefer stock global over MIUIPro.
  2. S for Redmi 6a - Still Broken?

    Yes, I will have to stick to buying a Redmi Note 5 instead... probably worth the extra anyway. Thanks
  3. S for Redmi 6a - Still Broken?

    That's unfortunate to hear :(
  4. S for Redmi 6a - Still Broken?

    Hey guys, I was looking at picking up a Xiaomi Redmi 6a as a cheap phone for the parents, but I would only consider buying it if I can flash a ROM and fully debloat it. Does anyone know if it is now possible to install ROMs on this device?