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    MIUI 10.3 9.2.14

    Hi ! Just for precision please for update eu Rom (9.1.24 to 9.2.14) how wipe before flash it ? Dalvik & Cache & "System" ? Or not System ? And for password & finger print face id remove it before update it ? Thank you.
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    MI 8 + Google Pay / Google play (Netflix) ROM Query

    Yes it's true :-) but if after flash a Custom Rom and something make wrong it's not good to stay unlock with another mi account. For me is more good to make if global mi 8 to lock it with Dev global Rom version and unlock it with yours mi account flash.... And if mi 8 Chinese lock it with Dev...
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    MI 8 + Google Pay / Google play (Netflix) ROM Query

    Hi ! Yes on attached screenshot is the Global Rom but this is not the PROBLEM !!! You can lock bootloader only if you have chinese version smartphone with official china rom You can lock bootloader only if you have global version smartphone with official global rom Sorry for bolds but is...
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    Google Tranlate

    Hi ! I use Google translate it's a great App and I use it you know for the function After copy text they had a bubble for have Tranlate. I had make the Google Tranlate App on start automaticly and no restrict and make all authorized options & notifications. But if the App are not on recent App...
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    MI 8 + Google Pay / Google play (Netflix) ROM Query

    Hi ! No it's wrong the phone is new phone no mistake.. You can unlock it after 72hours now ! Just the resseler unlock it and flash the global rom but you risk to brick it if you update it or if they had a mistake. It's not good to stay like that. DON'T MAKE ANY UPDATE OF MIUI !!!! BUT THE FIRST...
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    New Camera mi 8

    Yep. Again can resolve my mistake with slowmo on mi cam. Just wipe cache mi cam and work fine.. just when they had light make flickers but don't see in on vidéo. Amazing Rom. They had a PayPal
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    Mi 8 Xiaomi EU good Autonomy

    Hi ! After 3 days on Xiaomi Eu very good work just resolve the camera slomow but see my sot with may App's installed and many notifications
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    MI 8 + Google Pay / Google play (Netflix) ROM Query

    Hi ! First what the mi 8 ? Global version ? On the package write in red "global version" And do you have the Bootloader unlock ? With how mi account ? And wich Rom install on this mi 8 ? For me it's a chinese version with unlock Bl and a translate Rom flash on it.. Be carful if you flash or...
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    Play music on lock screen & batterie saver

    Doesn't work ! After 10mins stop stream on background !? I don't know how can if data is use on background for don't stip it with the setting battery saver ? If is possible ?
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    Play music on lock screen & batterie saver

    Hi ! Sorry I loose to make auto start and no restrict on YouTube App . I test it and see...
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    Play music on lock screen & batterie saver

    Hi ! I have a question ! I don't know if possible ? I have setting on battery saver "stop data mobile" after 10 mins & "wipe cache" after 30 mins. Same as use on global Rom. But when I lesson YouTube live background and closed the screen of my mi 8 on global Rom the sound never stop.. I make...
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    New TWRP, 21 languages, Lineage compatible, Global Rom compatible

    Hi ! When you tap command fastboot boot recovery when the screen comes black on phone hold down power & volume up 10s and you boot on recovrery
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    Swipe to unlock after face recongition

    Yes same too. For change player "pause / play" on lock screen.
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    [mod] Original Miui Icon's On

    Hi ! Thank you for the mod :) It's possible to unzip it and make mtz file for import it and apply on theme ? They had a theme name "unity" make classic icon miui too just install on personnaliz theme icons. Have a good day. I like more elegant icon on miui 10 global too ;)
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    New Camera mi 8

    Hi ! I have a mi 8 global version and use global rom but is not great and I flash the eu rom is great. But they had a mistake with cammera for me is less better than global version and the slowmo bugs when you want make it the image flickers it's not good. And I see on Xda the vendor and libs of...
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.24/26

    Hi ! After 2 days and setting well the Rom. It's a very good rom and very good work Amazing global Rom and same autonomy. But the Xiaomi camera had same libs than global Rom ? And they had a mistake on my mi 8 with slowmo don't have on global when use it on 960 or 240 or 120 they had a flicker...
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    Enabling volTe

    Hi ! It's not very important, but before go to this rom on my mi 8 global version I have the VolTe enable and on this Rom I can't enable it ? Message tge VolTe isn't acces with your provider ? I have VolTe on my provider ! I don't unserstand ? See the photos the first on global Rom on statut...
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    New TWRP, 21 languages, Lineage compatible, Global Rom compatible

    Hi ! Just for said thank you I had flash the Twrp 1208 and Xiaomi EU Rom with your tuto and work fine ;-) Now I don't know if I flash the new Twrp Firedance or Official ? I don' make nandroid. But I think I don't backup my Efs and Boot ! I can backup it after flash Xiaomi Eu Rom my mi 8 are...
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    Wipe cache & Dalvik

    Hi ! SORRY Sorry for post you can close it. I'm a bic stupid guys ! I had flash many rom but why I don't read on Twrp It's not same Twrp on my oneplus and wipe the two first cache & data . Sh... . Thread closed Have a good day
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    New options ?

    Hi ! I like so much this Rom great work very good rom ☺️ But I don't know if is possible to have this option ? You know on Android you can ignor do not disturb for notifications App ! When you are on not disturb if you have activate for an App ignor not disturb the sound work. And you can...