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    Cant Connect To Camera

    Hi everyone, I have mi2s 32G and i have a camera issue. When i open the cam app i get black screen and after a few second it sais "Cant connect to camera". Opening the app again shows "Still cant connect to camera try to reboot etc". Reboot doesnt help but if i pull the battery and place it...
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    Phone died!!

    I need your help! Yesterday i pluged in AUX cable from my car to phone (Not for the first time) and when i pulled it out the phone shuted down and wont turn on. If i plug charger no light is blinking. What you think is the problem or what can i do to fix it? Edit: Also tried to switch...
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    Need new screen

    Sadly i broke my screen. Does anyone know where can i buy original replacment? I saw ******* have them but i heard too much bad feedbacks about them. Appreciate the help! =]
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    Battery drain

    Hello, I have Mi2s & Mi2a. in both of them the Android System process is always above 20% both on miuiandroid rom and chienese developer rom. In the past it used to be max 12%. How can i know the reason for the overuse or what can i try to fix this? (If its actually a problem).
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    i9100 rom

    Where can i get the 3.2.22 (Last V4) for the i9100?
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    NEED HELP!!!

    I have mi2s, i dont have any rom on both systems and i cant use the USB to copy rom into the device. i have CWM recovery but i can't mount the device, and when in recovery the device manager shows yellow triangle on MI 2, it see's the device but doesn't recognize it. I tried fastboot...
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    Access root directories through File explorer

    Any chance for File Explorer to show root directories?
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    Games dont work

    A lot of games doesn't Gameloft keep saing "Your device is not compatible with this game, please request a refund". Build.prop doesn't work. Any solution? Sent from my MI 2S using Tapatalk 2
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    I want to help translate the multi lang rom. Is there a good guide to help with it?