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    Mi Mover

    Thanks, useful info Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
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    Mi Mover

    I migrated from Mi3 to Mi5. Overall it does it job, moved all my personal files, pics and music - no hassle whatsoever. The apps were installed via Google store, I didn't see an option in the mover to select manually specific apps to install. It's all or nothing kind of thing :) Sent from my MI...
  3. R Multilang Rom For Xiaomi Mi5 (unlocked Bl Only!) Released!

    I managed to Flash using MiFlash on a different PC. To all going through the 1st Flash option described in this thread (MiFlash tool) when you place the ROM into the hardrive make sure the path in a directory without <emtpy spaces> for example: C:\MI - will work C:\MI ROM- will NOT work Many...
  4. R Multilang Rom For Xiaomi Mi5 (unlocked Bl Only!) Released!

    I am following the twrp/flash instructions precisely as given for flashing via the fastboot method. I cannot use MiFlash as I am using a Mac laptop. For the following instruction in the terminal: 'fastboot flash recovery recovery.img' I am getting this error : 'cannot load recovery.img' The...
  5. R Multilang Rom For Xiaomi Mi5 (unlocked Bl Only!) Released!

    (Sorry for double post - the same post is in the last MIUI7 ROM thread) --- I've managed to unlock the bootloader of my Mi5 (Pain in the ...process!) I am following the TWRP installation instructions to set up the TWRP before flashing the EU Dev. ROM but the Updater App gives me this message...
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    MULTI 6.5.26 - Last Miui 7!

    First of all - let me thank you for the great work done by the Team towards providing the EU multilanguage ROMS!!! On to my enquiry -- I've managed to unlock the bootloader of my Mi5 (Pain in the ...process!) I am following the TWRP installation instructions to set up the TWRP...
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    MULTI 4.5.23

    The update is really stable on my Mi3. The things that I've noticed which I relate to the update are: 1. My Antutu benchmark went down, from approx 3700 to 2960pts. No noticeable lagging or performance difference is apparent. 2. It messes up my Kindle, the app was unable to open huge amount of...
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    help repair screen

    Hi, Yesterday I received an email from ******* that they are opening a service centre in Europe, they didn't specified the location though. If anyone has more information on that I would be interested to find out where it is. Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
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    MULTI 4.4.18

    Did you get that problem with 4.4.18? In fact this recent update fixed my BT problem with Mi3/car connection (loss of pairing after BT restart on the phone). That noise -- is it persistent during driving and when the car has stopped? I used to have noise intrusion at high speed due to my roof...
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    MULTI 4.4.18

    Thanks! That fixed it. Clearing the cache only via recovery as previously suggested didn't work. Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
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    MULTI 4.4.18

    Hi, I am now running 4.4.18 multi language ROM on Mi3, no immediate problems after installation but today the MIUI mail client began to FC - I cannot access my mail from the device. Trying to access the mail/IMAP settings also leads to FC. Just flashed again the 4.4.18 but the problem persists...
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    New BT not working

    I have the same problem with two Mi3 phones, 4.3.14 and respectively 4.3.28, I will try the latest ROM and if doesn't work the solution posted above. Very inconvenient!! Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
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    Mi3 No Updater / Can't Flash ROM / Help

    It would be useful to name the seller, especially for the people who consider getting original Xiaomi products and doing their research on the possible sellers so they could avoid being in the same boat. Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
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    will hongmi break if u bend it ?

    A test is a must then! Caution: to be performed in a secured and controlled environment! ;) ...Just throw it together with a few oranges in a running jet engine. Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
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    Xiaomi Mi3 Issues, need help!

    There you go, see bottom right... Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
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    Singapore Post delivery with ibuyou

    I ordered and received two Mi3s from ******* with DHL express shipment option (my location is within the EU/not disclosing it fully as I will use this option in future and I hope it will remain secure as it is now). No customs and additional fees were paid. Delivery time 3-4 days. Works as...
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    Xiaomi MiKey - 3.5mm dust-plug with added functionality

    Nice! I will definitely get one. Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
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    Xiaomi Mi3 Issues, need help!

    The screen transition effects could be changed by holding your finger at an empty part of the screen, then a menu with different options such as screen/wallpaper/widgets should appear at the bottom part of the screen. Chose 'Effects' from where you can alter the screen transition effects. Sent...
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    Be careful when buying Xiaomi Pistons earphones

    Hi, Can you please tell from where did you buy your Xiaomi Pistons? I understand there are a lot of fakes in the market... I got mine from *******, the pistons are really a quality product, I cannot fault them. Yes there is a distinguishable chocolate/cinnamon type of smell but it is not that...
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    MI3 64gb cpu 8974 or 8274 ?

    Although the Mi3 Settings/About phone: Baseband displays 8974, Antutu detects the CPU as 8274. It is obvious why confusion exists. The Mi3 W CPU is 8274 Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk