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  1. dogiex

    [8.9.6] [RN3SE] WhatsApp button text overlay on floating notification

    When I receive WhatsApp message the first floating notification message is displayed normally and if I don't read it and second message comes through the floating notification Answer and Mark as read buttons overlay the other text. See attachment.
  2. dogiex

    8.8.30 (Kate) Telegram X notification sound get through when DND on

    At the moment I have seen only Telegram X app's notification sounds get through while DND is on.
  3. dogiex

    [Cancro | 8.7.26] Banking app force closes when accessibility enabled

    When accessibility is enabled by Dashlane, Greenify or Tasker app, I can't access my banking app S-mobiili. It will just force close everytime I try to open the app. When that accessibility is disabled for all those apps, banking app can be opened. java.lang.IllegalStateException...
  4. dogiex

    [Kate] Global Stable released

    Kate has got new Global stable release of Waiting for eu release [emoji6]
  5. dogiex

    Banking App Force Closes Immediately

    Device Kate Rom Stable Fresh install. Tested with English and Finnish. Bankin app force closes every time I have Dashlane app's display over other apps window turned ON from accessibility settings. The bank app works normally if I disable the display/draw over other windows...
  6. dogiex

    [solved] Can't Reboot To Recovery From Os

    Device: Kate Weekly 7.9.7 TWRP ZCX 3.0.2 and official 3.1.1-0 tested When I choose 'Reboot to recovery' from updater, it only reboots the phone amd don't reboot to recovery. Is there some kind of steps to be done to make it work or is it a rom issue? Would love to get it to work to be able to...
  7. dogiex

    [rom] Stable

    Have you guys tried it by updating the phone with updater app from stable Works ok? Download rom: Possible Changelog:
  8. dogiex

    Redmi Note 4x (mido) Screen On Time Tests

    Screen on Time Tests Device: Redmi Note 4X Global Edition with LTE B20 (800MHz) support 3Gb ram, 32Gb rom, color Gold. App used: PCMark for Android Benchmark Test used: Work 2.0 battery life Apps installed: Factory reset and only PCMark for Android Benchmark app. Test #1: Rom used: Global...
  9. dogiex

    Hydrogen Stable Language Back To English

    Updated my sisters Mi Max Hydrogen from to and all the languages from settings were coverted from Finnish to English. Could you recompile the rom, please @ingbrzy?
  10. dogiex

    Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm Has B20?

    Has anyone bought a RN4 Qualcomm version and now I don't mean RN4X? I just found out that on official site there is Global rom for Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm version and from ********** there are many shops that claim Global version Redmi Note 4 has B20 LTE band included.
  11. dogiex

    6.12.22 Missing Translations

    On Kate and on Cancro the recent update has dropped some Finnish translations frol the version. Is it a problem on compiling it? On my Kate the Themes app is somewhat translated and on my Cancro Themes turned back on english. Same has happened in Browser on both devices. Turned back to english...
  12. dogiex

    Hennessy Stable

    Has anyone updated to this rom? How is the battery life and known bugs? Lähetetty minun Redmi Note 3 laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  13. dogiex

    Has anyone tried this update how is the battery life and known bugs so far? Lähetetty minun Redmi Note 3 laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  14. dogiex

    Wireless Display + Chromecast 1

    Do you guys have trouble with wireless display and chromecast on Redmi Note 2? Trying to mirror my screen to chromecast with no luck. Chromecast goes blackscreen and back to normal and "Can't connect" shows on my phone. Got weekly 6.12.1 version. If you guys have chromecast, can you try it...
  15. dogiex

    New Redmi Note 3 Sd And Mtk | Calendar Holiday Bug

    Hi, My brother has Redmi Note 3 SD phone and he has a bug in his calendar showing some weird holiday names in his calendar and he can't get rid of them. My mother has the same problem with her Redmi Note 3 MTK phone. They both use the latest stable build from We tried to wipe cache...
  16. dogiex

    Finnish Translators Needed

    Moikka kaikki suomalaiset MIUI:n käyttäjät. Jotta saisimme suomenkielen tähän eu rommiin, se pitäisi kääntää ensiksi ja tähän tarvitsen lisää apulaisia. Linkki käännösprojektiin: Laittakaa kysymyksiä tulemaan jos on jotain mielessä. Yhdessä...
  17. dogiex

    How Long Do I Have To Unlock My Bootloader?

    Like topic says, when I get permission SMS from xiaomi to unlock my bootloader, how long can I wait to unlock it, is the permission valid for only 1 day or 1 week. Does anyone know or tried? Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
  18. dogiex

    Backup From Chinese Rom And Restore To Eu

    I haven't tried this yet but will do when I am going to install my sisters phone to eu rom. Her phone is Redmi Note 3 MTK and I was wondering if we make a backup with miui backup app from chinese stable rom and then flash EU stable rom and restore the apps and data, will it work? Normal apps...
  19. dogiex

    Mic Problem During Speaker Call

    Anyone else can test or had a problem with their microphone during speaker phone call? My problem is when someone calls me and I answer it I put the call on speaker and when I switch back to normal mode, the other end can't hear me speaking at all as if the mic gets muted when I get back to...
  20. dogiex

    What Languages Are Included From Global From?

    Hi, I was wondering that if a language is included in global rom, will it be included in EU rom also? At crowdin a group has started to translate finnish just a while ago and they have already translated 10% of it. Is there a way to add that to eu rom when it's ready? I have a Finnish...