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    MULTI 5.9.24/26

    Taurus stop develop rom for m2à . Rom skipped 3 weeks and i dont see in device list .
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    MULTI 5.9.17/18

    Again skip mi2a taurus :confused:
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    MULTI 5.7.16

    Changes in 5.7.16 New - Mi Sound Enhancer supports Mi Headphones and Mi Piston Youth Edition (07-13) Great , but in m2a Taurus rom there is no in the settings menu .
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    MULTI 5.7.16

    M2a Taurus in rom still not available video and radio app !
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    MULTI 5.7.16

    Sorry can't check now .
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    MULTI 5.7.16

    OK now I update m2a but in rom missing application video and radio
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    MULTI 5.7.16

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    MULTI 5.7.16

    Log file fron m2a
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    MULTI 5.7.16

    M2a stuck on 90% update with out log .
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    MULTI 5.5.29

    After reboot phone must manual change in settings from HD to Full HD quality video . Add in music player sorting by artist . Mi2A miui v6
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    MULTI 5.5.8

    Please add manual mode to camera .
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    MULTI 5.4.3

    Good day i have mi2a and have this bug in sound menu Log
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    MULTI 4.10.10

    For installation of Mi2A v6 SPECIAL EDITION- -Install v6 via MiFlash (flash_all) - image connect phone too PC then run file from archive flash_all.bat ? - Then install our multilang via Updater app like usually
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    MULTI 4.10.10

    Can I have on my mi2a v5 and v6 at the same time ?
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    MULTI 4.9.26

    M2a out off miui v6 ?
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    MULTI 4.8.29

    when M2a and mi2s receive miui v6 ?