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    Weird thing happening when I charge my Mi 9 wirelessly

    Hi just got a Mi 9 a month ago,I've been using a wireless charger (not the 20w white fast charger,but the normal black 10w xiaomi wireless charger) and I've noticed something weird,sometimes when the battery is charging and it reaches 95% of charge or so the wireless charge stops for like a...
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    Static on Bluetooth Headphones Mi 8 SE

    I bought the MPOW flame bluetooth 4.1 headphones (# 1 sales on amazon) and they work ok when connected with my other devices (PC,other android tablet etc) but when I connect them with my Mi 8 SE I hear a lot of static when the sound (music/movies) is low,it's static but sounds like rain,I don't...
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    New Ringtone not working and small audio bug on Mi 8 SE (8.10.11)

    I think I've found 2 bugs on the latest weekly for Mi 8 SE,first one is that the alarm ringtones are broken,when I try to choose an alarm tone the tone never sounds,I can select the tone just fine,but the phone doesn't sound the alarm to listen to the tone on the menu,the actual alarm works...
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    Low touch sensitivity on borders MI 8 SE

    Hi,I received my Mi 8 SE today,I'm quite happy with it,rooted it using magisk 16.0 and installed the latest weekly update. But there's something that bothers me a little,writing the "border" letters like "a" on the keyboard is a bit difficult,I tested the touch sensitivity and I found that...
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    Some questions as a potential MI 8 SE buyer...

    Hi,I want to buy a Mi 8 SE,but I've not had a xiaomi phone since the Mi Note Pro,and some things changed since then,so I have some questions. 1:There's already a TWRP in english for Mi 8 SE? Could anyone please give me a link? 2:I've heard a lot of scary things about rollback protection,locked...
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    MIUI 8.2 7.1.5

    I don't see an update for Mi Note Pro. Can someone upload the update pls? EDIT:Nevermind,I saw the small message at the end :(
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    MULTI 6.7.21

    Yep that's definitely a bug. My Mi Note Pro changes between spanish and english just fine.
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    Are Miui Security Updates Legit?

    Thanks for your answer ingbrzy,I thought that the patches were added to the android source when the monthly bulletin was released. Also,there's a special reason why xiaomi (and every other manufacturer I follow) don't even mention the new patches when they publish the changelogs?
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    Are Miui Security Updates Legit?

    I've been always amazed at how fast Xiaomi releases the monthly security updates,just take a look on your "about phone" settings,on the latest weekly my phone already has the august security patch...far too early. There's not even a security bulletin for august,not even google or blackberry...
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    Grand Theft Auto

    Same happens to me. Just download the games from the internet (I'm sorry I think it's against the rules that I put a link here),they work. In my case I already bought all the 3 main games too so I'm not doing anything illegal.
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    MULTI 6.7.21

    Thank you devs,I already updated my Mi Note Pro. Everything works fine (for now),
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    MULTI 6.7.14/15

    Play store crashing when I try to open it in Mi Note Pro (already wipe'd cache and dalvik after installation). Back to 6.7.7 then...
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    MULTI 6.6.30

    Many thanks. I will try it on Mi Note Pro.
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    MULTI 6.4.28

    Can't download rom for Mi Note Pro,the server is not responding,it keeps hanging ( 504 Gateway Time-out) EDIT:I checked,all the downloads are broken,can you fix it please? Thanks!
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    Static Noise On Speaker

    I tried using another Mi Note Pro and it had the same issue. Maybe it's a hardware problem (and a general one) after all... For the record,my version is 2015021,I wonder if it's the same with the 2015501 version Anyone else could try and see if you have this issue?
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    Static Noise On Speaker

    Today I found that the speaker on my Note Pro produces something that sounds like static noise,after playing a sound (any sound) I can hear static coming from the speaker for 4 o 5 seconds and then it disappears. If I have an app like a game running on the background the static noise only stops...
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    Can't Root Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

    Ok Thanks. I have one last question,I've read in another forum that I must be careful to choose when SuperSU asks me to update binaries because the phone can be bricked. What should I choose when SuperSU asks me that? Also when trying to download TWRP from their website I don't see Xiaomi...
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    Can't Root Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

    Can I flash an old version of TWRP using the MI update app "Update from File" option? Also which version do you recommend? Can you please tell me how to flash a recovery by fastboot please?
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    Can't Root Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

    Yesterday I received my Xiaomi Mi Note Pro that I bought Online. The seller pre-installed the multilanguage ROM and when I received it I updated it to version 6.1.7,as that was the last one OTA update I manually installed the newest version (6.3.10/11) using the "Update from file"...