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    Xiaomi 12: Cant lock apps and prevent them from closing

    Hello, On my Xiaomi 12, it's not possible to lock all apps and prevent them from closing. With some apps (like SmartHome and Tuya) it works, but with all other apps (Signal, Threema, Settings an many many others) I can't open these options when I hold the app. Just the phone is freezing and...
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    MIUI 14 23.1.9/10

    On Xiaomi 12, I'ts not possible to lock all apps. I can lock some apps and prevent them from closing, but with many apps the system stucks and nothing happens. Thats bad, because like this I can't receive Notifications until I open these apps (aka Signal, Threema etc.)
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    Invalid Xiaomi 11Lite 5G NE Revolut app login problem

    MIUI 13, Android 12 - everything is working now. Exactly on the day, where I wanted to change to Evolution X ROM.
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    Invalid Xiaomi 11Lite 5G NE Revolut app login problem

    The thing is, that I do not use Magisk or something for rooting. And on my other it works normally.
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    Invalid Xiaomi 11Lite 5G NE Revolut app login problem

    I don't use TWRP on this Device since the Flash process is with fastboot. So its not working here.
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    New Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE: It's not possible to use Revolut App

    Hello I have installed the stable ROM from on my Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE. Everything works except the Revolut (Banking) app. In this app, you have to upload a selfie for verification and when uploading, the message appears that the selfie can not be uploaded. Revolut support has now...
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    Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE released in China. Will we get the weekly ROM for the Device (aka lisa)?

    Hello, In December, the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE was released in China due to this information: So my question is, if we get the weekly ROM for this Device (code lisa)? Thanks.
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    When I wanna update Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE - do I have to set up everything from scratch when I install new fastboot rom? Or is it like a Recovery Update and everything will stay (Apps, settings etc.)
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    MIUI 12.6 21.4.7/8

    Is there a Chance to get Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet) here?
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    MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 - First MIUI 12

    Mi 9 Lite: Androidfilehost no Zip. And Sourceforge = "ZIp file corrupt". So I have a Phone with no OS ATM... Please reupp!
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    Redmi Note 8T Info
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    micro sd slot

    Same here. You have to copy all the files to your pc and then format the sd card (on the computer, otherwise it does not work!) and then put the files back to your sd card.
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    Please help... No Alarm sound... Redmi Note 5 Pro
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    Does anyone have the same Problem? Alarm Clock sound is not working with default app! Have to use Google Clock App... Tried stable and beta-ROM. Redmi Note 5 Pro.
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    New No Alarm Clock sound!

    Hey there When I'm setting an Alarm at Stable or actual Beta (Redmi Note 5 Pro), there is NO Alarm Sound. I can do whatever I want, nothing helps. Why is this bug? When I install the Google Clock and use their Alarm, everything works... Thanks for your help.
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    Mi Pad 4 - When will we see a global ROM or a ROM from

    Hey come on. This is a great device and many of us have it. Actually it's only with chinese ROM available. And nobody here is telling us why there is still no ROM and when we will see a ROM. Can you please give us an information about this? When will we see a ROM?
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    Come on... when do you release a ROM for Mi Pad 4?
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    I don't know the developer of the Redmi Note 5a Prime ROM. But he does bulls**t. With every Update my phones crashes all the time and I have to delete it and install everything again without keeping my apps and data. Will this happen again with the next update, I will change to
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    It killed my Redmi Note 5a Prime. Every app is crashing and I cant use the phone anymore. Have to go back to last Update. Bulls*** this Update!