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    How to instal rom on 12T pro

    What do you mean there's no way to unpack the firmware? Download the latest version, open it with a file explorer if on your phone, on PC try winrar/7zip. Inside there will be a bunch of folders, one of them will be called images. Open that folder you should have what you need there.
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    12T Pro

    Has anyone been able to update to the latest rom? I had the previous version but since the TWRP version I'm running doesn't support encryption I don't know how to flash the new version. Found out a new twrp version that allowed encryption... Hard to find it though.
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    How to instal rom on 12T pro

    Hi thanks for the reply. I did do that already with the latest stable miui13 version but I didn't have the bat files in there. So I couldn't run those... However I'm just waiting for Miui14 to be officially released for this device so they get the camera drivers working and I can flash that...
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    How to instal rom on 12T pro

    Hi all, I was able to unlock the bootloader and flash TWRP on my phone but I can't seem to understand how to flash rom. Xiaomi flash utility sees no flash bats inside the folder, if I flash it as a zip it bricks my phone. Also checked the post pinned to this subforum that has some...
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    MIUI 12.6 21.10.20/22

    I've noticed the K20 pro (my device) will not be getting beta builds anymore. Does this mean that stable versions will still be realeased for it? I'm sad to see support go as this phone is still super fast, but without it's not the same thing. Anyways, thank you guys for supporting...
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    [INFO] Known Issues (Weekly) & FAQ

    Hi, I've got 20.11.11 Miui12 on a Redmi K20 Pro Premium and I just noticed I can't create an access point with 5Ghz network. Whenever I try to create it it just goes back to being disabled, however if I chose 2.4Ghz it works fine. Anyone had this issue? I've searched this thread but doesn't...
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.7

    Miui 12 so far is working great. Only issue so far I've noticed, sometimes while using the gesture navigation phone gets stuck on the screens/I stop being able to interact with it. Also, please fix RCS. It's been rolling out in my country and I can't use it. According to Google messages my...
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    MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 - First MIUI 12

    This does work just fine. Thanks for the tip!
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    MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 - First MIUI 12

    Hi all phone is working fine on this version. Had so issues so far whatsoever except for the audio touch setting not working but that has been reported already, and some sluggish animations once in a while on my k20 pro I do have an issue that Dante with miui 11 already which is my WiFi. WiFi...