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    New Battery drain after flashed stable vesion

    I have a same problem.
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    Notification Flash Sofascore problem

    Hello, I have problem with flahscore and sofascore notifications. After a goal it schould gave me a notification but there is no notification. In settings everything is ok (battery optimalization, autostart, atc.) Neither one of the apps doesnt create a notification. I am using poco F3 And...
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    Google dark mode problem

    solution: I was in google app (beta) so that was the problem. unistall beta version and It is working.
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    Google dark mode problem

    no I am using 13.0.6. Yesterday it was fine I dont know what happened. On Chrome everything is ok. So I dont know. Anyway thanks for help. I will try to fix it.
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    Google dark mode problem

    Hello, I have a problem with Google app. when I searxh for something I have black top and Burton but my search results are in light mode. Can Somebody help me?