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    MULTI 4.9.26

    Can someone please heeeeelp me !!! I'm having the following issue with the MIUI V5 rom : I'm from Romania, here the mobile phone number are in the following form : 07xxxxxxxx, when I send a message, I send it to the 07xxxxxxxx number, but when I receive a message, I receive it from the same...
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    I'm getting some weird display erros, some parts of the image elements are missing. It appears on HTC SENSATION, tried activating the display options in developer options but no changes. Is anyone getting this bug? Any advices, fixes?
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    MULTI MIUI v5 Multi Lang 3.5.3

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    MULTI MIUI v5 Multi Lang 3.5.3

    Found my glasses, found the link :)))
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    Can someone please help me?! I have the following problem : in messaging i get two threads for the same contact, i saved the number without the country code and send sms without problem but when i receive an sms from the same contact i get a new thread because the number has the country code in...
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    MULTI MIUI Multi Lang 2.9.14 [ICS & JB]

    Please send me Repo invite and instructions on how to translate. I am an romanian and really want this rom in my natal language. Looking forward to working with you.
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    Release MIUI 2.4.20 ROMS [ICS] & [GB]

    Can someone please inform the rest of the MIUI Android rom users when will the ICS version be available for the Motorola Defy and other phone models that don't have the ICS rom?
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.2.24 [GB] Changelog

    All my problems are on a MOTOROLA DEFY(MB525 RED LENSE). Ok then, after seeing that the ADMIN states that the GB rom should be considered stable I have my own conclusions and some dissapointments. The 1st one is that THE HAPTIC FEEDBACK when using the onscreen keyboard(e.g. when writting a...