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    Battery draining on Mi 10 Pro with v13.0.4.0. Anybody with same issue?

    Nope 2201117TG cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi
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    my device note 6 pro. external notifications wiped when the device is turned off. find solution to it? No problem with widgets coming from stock rom, but installed widgets in external applications are hidden when you want to hide notches. I tried 5-6 in the application all of them deleted...
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    android 9 la device cumbersome

    While at 8.1 the device is very serial and fast android 9 la touch sensitivity menu transitions to aggravate application openings.
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    notch hide widget errors

    note 5 external application widgets when I want to use the device without notch, such as clock, weather, etc. Turn off your device and go to these widgets in chinese. Dealing with widgets to bring ekeana again. solution please.
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    notch hide widget errors

    When I say notch hide. widgets of external applications (eg weather w8) will be deleted when I turn the device off and on .. this problem has existed for a long time and is waiting for a solution. maybe escape from the eyes of the developers.