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    Tutorial How To Flash Rom [tutorial]

    I'm using the latest official twrp for hennessy. I think it did not got installed. I also tried to boot directly (load to RAM without success, same fail). I always did (and just retried) this from an adminstrator shell with the phone connected in fastboot mode. Now I'll try to find specific...
  2. U For Redmi Note 3 Mtk

    This makes no sense. I'm also looking to get free from the China ROM.
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    Tutorial How To Flash Rom [tutorial]

    I have Redmi Note3 MTK (hennessy) with latest china stable and trying to install Eu ROM xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote3_V9.2.2.0.LHNCNEK_v9-5.0 found at All goes well. fastboot flash recovery recovery.img (4), is "OKAY" and...
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    What is the latest Eu ROM for Hennessy (MTK)

    Hi, I've been jumping around Eu ROM announcements looking for this. Unfortunately announcements usually share a list identifying models even if they are not in the release, which makes it way harder. Because of this I'm asking if anyone knows what is the latest and greatest Eu ROM for Hennessy...
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    Ask for Miui 9 eu rom for Redmi note 3 mtk(Hennessey)

    The latest I found is xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote3_V9.2.2.0.LHNCNEK_v9-5.0 at Just posted asking if there is a newer one.