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    [SEMI-MOD] No Lock screen Wallpaper

    MOD, semi-mod or no mod, it's a really cool find. I was always making separate lock screen wallpapers to match my home screen ones. It's great not to have to do that anymore.
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    Was 1.9.23 pulled?

    It does appear to have been pulled. I don't know if other devices were effected, but 9.23 for the Inc2 wouldn't boot. I downloaded it this morning and spent probably 2 hours flashing it repeatedly trying to get it to work before I checked on XDA and found everyone who flashed it ran into the...
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    What the hell?

    There was a post where they talked about this week's release being minor updates, and next week's would introduce some more significant new features. Can't wait!
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    Safe MIUI-apps to remove with RootExplorer?

    I do the same, and I recently went a step further and wrote a small shell script to delete unwanted apps and then add in a few files I need right on the phone. I was tired of downloading the rom on the phone, transferring it to my desktop to delete the files, and then transferring it back to...