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    What the hell?

    Sorry to dash your hopes, but that was added to the ROM when the new (now current) UI was introduced, when they first switched to Gingerbread. People didn't like it, and they took it out. It wasn't an app drawer or anything. You know the recent apps list that comes up when you hold the home...
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    Newbie Question

    Be advised that, in 1.6.10, the Desktop Screens don't seem to restore properly. I lost icons to half of my apps and almost all of my system apps. So, for this build (should be fixed in next week's release), don't restore the Desktop Screens. Just reorganize everything manually for now. I wish I...
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    New Music Player (1.4.8)

    It seems to be very finicky with ID3 tags. Even something as simple as a comment in a tag can cause it to not sort properly. I've had several albums on my phone where it sorted some songs by name instead of track number just because those particular songs had a comment even though all of the...
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    New Music Player (1.4.8)

    They display in track order for me, and I don't see an option to change that. Are you sure your ID3 tags contain the track numbers?
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    Oh. That sucks. I don't really have any other suggestions, then. I would have suggested pushing a different calculator. Have you tried a fresh install?
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    Does your calculator look like this? If so, there's no reason you can't subtract. The dot that's where the minus sign should be works the same. It's just the wrong image. It doesn't change the functionality of the key.
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    can' find some apps

    @The-Dude: have you tried rebooting? When icons disappear from my screen, a reboot usually brings them back. @ilyas: It's taken out, because it's full of warez and Chinese-only apps. It does the international users no good to have it. The only apps we use that are on it are MIUI Camera and MIUI...
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    New app (in Chinese) in 4.22

    For the record, the guy who told fusingblackrose not to translate it was MarkHUK, not just some random douchebag. Mark has been leaving it out for good reaaons. It's useless for us. Why would you want access to apps that are completely in Chinese?
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    Market fingerprint still 2.2.1

    You can change it yourself if you want. I don't see why the Nexus One would have the wrong build.prop, though, since it's an official build. I'm not saying you're wrong, because I'm sure you're right. I would just expect a native version to have the right build.prop. I would suggest making a...
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    Market fingerprint still 2.2.1

    Which phone do you have? Try to PM whoever ports MIUI to your device. He probably forgot to change that stuff.
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    Big problem

    Go to Program Settings, find the miui-dev app, and toggle compatibility mode.
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    [SUGGESTION] RSS feed for ROM updates

    Mark and his crew have much bigger plans than an RSS feed. Give them a couple weeks.
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    First thing to do is download an existing theme or font pack and extract description.xml. The rest of the theme doesn't matter, just that file. Open it in a text editor and change the title/author/version if you want and set it aside. Wherever you have that file, make a folder in the same...
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    Camera application issues

    A logcat would be your best bet for getting help. No one else with your phone seems to be having this problem, so no one else can test to see what's wrong.
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    No changelog this week?

    I'm pretty sure it will be fixed. Can't find out for sure until tomorrow, though.
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    Officially Addicted to MIUI

    Oh, and for all the other addicts wondering where the changelog is, here is the Google translated version from
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    No changelog this week?

    You might have to put this address in Google Translate if you don't have Chrome.
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    Officially Addicted to MIUI

    I just go straight to the source and use Chrome to translate, and I read the posts in the forums. I even made an account there to download Chinese themes. I'm EndlessDissent, and I have an addiction.
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    I can't do that one, because it's copyrighted and costs $26.00.
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    Two Camera Icons and Other Questions

    You could also try installing SetCPU and changing the governor off of smartass.