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    Emergency Call BUG?

    It said: "not connected", as if I had no signal. However I just called a friend on his cell beforehand and the icon in the statusbar displayed I had signal.
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    Emergency Call BUG?

    Dear reader and dev, Today I'd to call the emergency number however it turned out my MIUI device was unable to connect to the emergency number. (112 Netherlands) but also 911 (which is redirected in the netherlands). Quite strange question to ask if somebody else experienced this? However...
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    Connection Problem while calling

    HTC Desire CDMA Miui 1.3.11 with langpack EN After a few minutes the person on the other side is unable to hear me. Occurs almost each call on 1.3.11 Fixed by going back 1 version 1.3.5 so not hardware related.