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  1. grsgs

    MIUI 13 22.4.6/7

    not necessary! going from weekly to stable it's a downgrade so format is needed. stable to weekly i don't believe there is a need for formatting data
  2. grsgs

    New POCO F3 MIUI 13 22.3.30 Music player bug

    Poco F3 nightly 22.3.30/31, same issue: song in a loop after receiving a notification using the native music player. I had no issue when stable rom was installed, but after updating to nightly , this occured
  3. grsgs

    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha

    working nice on mi2. been testing it for some time. thx
  4. grsgs

    [dev] Opensource (multiboot) Bootloader: Efidroid (formerly Grub4android)

    I made this on "paint" coz im too lazy to install photoshop and i wanted to share with you my idea
  5. grsgs

    [dev] Opensource (multiboot) Bootloader: Efidroid (formerly Grub4android)

    in a matter of design, since grub is some sort of parasite, you can use "ouroboros" style instead of a triangle. The ouroboros is the emblem of the eternal return and the cyclical nature of time. Its symbolism joined the Phoenix constantly reborn from its ashes . just a suggestion :D
  6. grsgs

    How many of us will be buying Xiaomi MI4 ?

    It's not about the size of the phone (at least for me), let me explain: Samsung and all the other manufacturers showed us that even a small hand can carry a 6 to 7 inch device. But the idea isn't in holding it (I can also hold a 42inch tv with a hand), it's in the usage. Why the f*** to create a...
  7. grsgs

    How many of us will be buying Xiaomi MI4 ?

    @RadarNyan indeed you're right my bad :D btw, the one you posted is the wcdma, because i think i saw the "LTE" using a samsung battery (courtesy of ibuygou)
  8. grsgs

    How many of us will be buying Xiaomi MI4 ?

    well the battery can be swapped @RadarNyan in the mi4 (saw the teardown pics on miui forum)
  9. grsgs

    How many of us will be buying Xiaomi MI4 ?

    and i always thought i was the only one who prefers the 4.3 over those big things. anyway if there isn't anything special after samsung's or apple i think i will get myself the mi4 but for now keeping my old mi2 (celebrating its 2nd year birthday in some months :D)
  10. grsgs

    DHL | IBuyGoU - Held at customs, Documents required!

    I got the same situation when I was in Greece, same email tracking and since then never ordered using DHL. To come back to what happened with, I was obliged to pay 80euros back then ( december 2012 I got the Mi2) no papers asked nothing else.
  11. grsgs

    Share your Screenshots

    this H/E reminds me when I am in roaming, freaking out FUUUU** :D then I receive a message "bla bla roaming xx € / ko"
  12. grsgs

    New Email App 4.4.25. SYNC combined Inbox

    I have 2 accounts in this app , and it syncs without any problem (both IMAP)
  13. grsgs

    Share your Screenshots

    Miui + a custom theme ;)
  14. grsgs

    New USB doesn't react!

    what kind of phone do you have :p ?
  15. grsgs

    New S2 brick during flashing MIUI 4.3.28

    does it show any sign of life when you connect it to your pc ? if so, download oneclick unbrick and try to fix it
  16. grsgs

    Giving the Mi2(s) LTE Connectivity

    hardware wise, there should be no problem switching between these chips and that's based on the fact they are the same as you said. Just a "module" added. Now how to implement ?Unsolder ,replace, solder: is it feasible ? these soc are damn small.
  17. grsgs

    Baidu Cloud Rom 40 ( 06-12-2013)

    Here you go :
  18. grsgs

    help plz .... xiaomi mi2 bricked !! what i can do to fix it !

    did you try using ?
  19. grsgs

    Xiaomi MI2S Case

    I have this sweetie it's been a while (around 5 months) and I have to say it's a rock solid hell of a case
  20. grsgs

    CM 11 by Love Dcp Updated( 19-12-2013)

    This is just a mirror using dev-host, I didn't try the rom nor anything else::)