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  1. Geerboy

    Samsung Droid Charge

    nobody...guess thats not a good thing...maybe I should reverse course to the thunderbolt? I believe I still have that option...cause i don't know if I am willing to give up MIUI
  2. Geerboy

    Samsung Droid Charge

    So I am about to come into one of the Samsung Droid Charges for free and was wondering if it was possible to install MIUI on this phone? Would really suck if I couldn't, but I couldn't turn down the dual core, brighter better screen, and 4g abilities. I will still have my Incredible as a...
  3. Geerboy

    Random but annoying, Color bit rate seems to off....

    Yes.....its turned on....seems to be when I use launcher weird....never did it annoying Sent from my ADR6300 using the Forums App
  4. Geerboy

    Random but annoying, Color bit rate seems to off....

    I go through and change my ROM all the time and something weird happened this last time. I always use a blackish background on my desktop with some color like blue or green or something....well....when I did the latest update/wipe of my system it seems almost like it doesn't have the correct...
  5. Geerboy

    Lock screen

    Can't help you there......but.....just out of curiosity why?
  6. Geerboy

    Droid Incredible Running - - MIUI - - Kernal: - - Baseband...

    Droid Incredible Running - - MIUI - - Kernal: - - Baseband Version: - - Android 2.3.4
  7. Geerboy

    1.2.11 cant send picture messages

    Where did you download it at? I've downloaded a couple different times now with no success?
  8. Geerboy

    Latest MIUI causing lag and delayed sms messages?

    somebody correct me if i'm wrong, but 1.2.11 is the latest update so that might fix some issues, but I posted a minute ago about issues i'm having so it could give you different issues, i'm having a couple myself, one involving the messenger, might check my post out, but sorry I don't have any...
  9. Geerboy

    1.2.11 update...Issue's i'm having

    Let me just say first that MIUI is so far the best ROM I've used that has been customized, all the rest to me might as well just be launchers. But onto the point of my post......the latest update has been giving me some issues *-Pictures in the stock Messenger are not getting sent nor being...