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    How to do a FULL MIUI ROM Backup?

    Hello i have no solution but i got a similar question.. i own a Mi11LITE 5G NE..and after a while of reading and trying i arrived to one last problem but the most important i guess I installed the "lisa" Orange Fox recovery ..rooted the phone installed the custom rom from here per...
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    Xiaomi 11 Ultra - MIUI 12.5.2

    Hi.. thanks for your help, but that was exactly the way I did..I saw this guide of you and followed but after I finished and rebooted the devices I was in a loop ORANGE (recovery) ..then I wrote my post here after that I put again the stockrom on it and tried to follow before installation of...
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    Xiaomi 11 Ultra - MIUI 12.5.2

    Hi ups..I forgot => I owe now a "MI11 LITE 5G NE" with A/B and current slot is "A" and I hope my Questions and Infos are written to understand by all ?! ( I didn't use english for quite a long time ).. I'm new here but glad to be..because only here I noticed that I had to boot TWRP for one time...