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  1. Sagilo

    MIUI 2.3.7 auto hide notification bar ?

    I enabled on "GO Launcher" the option to hide the status bar, and as i remember i also enabled some kind of "auto hide" option on MIUI settings, But now when i want to return the old state (no auto hide) i can't find this option in settings ... Is anyone familiar with it ? Thanks !
  2. Sagilo

    Full caller image quality

    Anyone ? :(
  3. Sagilo

    Full caller image quality

    Hi All As you probably know MIUI enables you to set full screen contact image, In GB, when selecting a new image for a contact, the selection was as the screen ratio, However, on ICS the selection box ratio is a square, which looks like it effects the quality of the image when it appears as...
  4. Sagilo

    New MIUI V4 - Mute isn't muting.

    Clicking the mute button while a call doesn't mute the conversation, it is not highlighted as well... Using the ported ROM : Desire HD, latest ver (.30)
  5. Sagilo

    New MIUI V4 - Call is 'mute' after speakerphone is ON

    After enabling speakerphone, there is no option to disable it, otherwise the call is muted and it cannot be undone, just recall. Working under this port : You can see in the thread more users with the same issue !
  6. Sagilo

    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.3.16 Changelog [ICS]

    It is too bad you are ignoring the most annoying defect. I'm talking about the country code prefix defect in calls/messages of course. It's a major harm in the usability and thats the only thing which actually making me think about reversing to GB .. It's really bad that i get a message and need...
  7. Sagilo

    MIUI lock, widgetlock and pattern

    Hi All I'm trying to get the following combination : Pattern+Widgetlock But If i dont use 'No Lock' app, i get double lockscreen If i do use 'No Lock' the pattern is not displayed. Is there a way to operate the widgetlock with pattern guard ? Thanks !
  8. Sagilo

    VOIP SMS. is it possible on MIUI ?

    well Fishtext doesn't include my country (Israel) And i'm actually looking for an app to use my own VOIP account to send SMS... hopefully something will come up ! Thanks
  9. Sagilo

    VOIP SMS. is it possible on MIUI ?

    Hi All I've seen the option to use VOIP calls, i was it and it works great ! The question is , is it possible to get the same for SMS? i know my VOIP provider gives the option ... If not by MIUI directly, does anyone knows an app which can do that ? Thanks !
  10. Sagilo

    Gmail on MIUI stock email client

    Weird, Even weirder we get no support. 6 month ago MIUI team really helped ...
  11. Sagilo

    Gmail on MIUI stock email client

    Am i the only one getting this ?
  12. Sagilo

    Music hang when another sound plays or volume change ?

    Hi All I'm using latest ver over DHD When i hear Radio, every other sound played or even when i changes volume (!), stops the radio like and it sounds like i disconnect the headset. (like this noises of shutdown) It's really annoying, i know a few versions before it was OK and i was able to...
  13. Sagilo

    Gmail on MIUI stock email client

    Hi All I've tried to configure my gmail account on the MIUI stock email client and i keep getting error messages 'unable to open connection to server ' I've tried first putting my account details and letting it find the configurations automatically. Afterwards i tried to enter them all...
  14. Sagilo

    Contacts does not take fields names from gmail ?

    Thst's sucks...
  15. Sagilo

    Problem with Juice Defender Ultimate

    What do you mean saying 'random' ? Are you aware to the way JD works ? (enables/disables Data&Wifi by scheduled time)
  16. Sagilo

    New feature suggestion - Call button on Phone/Contacts list

    Thats a good tip !!! thanks . i wasn't aware of that
  17. Sagilo

    New feature suggestion - Call button on Phone/Contacts list

    Hi All I would like please to suggest the following feature I'm sure you know the idea isn't mine but still it's really missing. I'm using only the dialer screen and almost never use the 'people' tab, mostly because the T9 search is much much quicker than the normal one. So , currently i'm...
  18. Sagilo

    Signal and Data reception

    Since i've installed the latest MIUI ver i've noticed a serious reception drop. The data connection is much slower and almost can't connect on low reception places. I think i'm experiencing something similar with the WIFI but there i'm not that sure. Has anyone else experience this as well ?
  19. Sagilo

    1.9.2 Battery drain again?

    Hi All After a good run with latest build, i installed 1.9.2 and i get a crazy battery drain Seems like battery dies at mid day without any games or even too much handing ! Anyone experiencing the same ? DesireHD
  20. Sagilo

    Doubled phone numbers on Dialer.

    Any attention fixing the issue ? It's very annoying !