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  1. daenney

    Xiaomi Are Xiaomi making a tablet?

    I'd love to see a Xiaomi tablet :)
  2. daenney

    a2sd+ is it enough?

    Well yeah, a2sd+ ditches the dalvik cache on the ext-partition but that's only about up to 100MB depending on what you're doing. But, if your installed app size is a problem, why just not move apps to SD too? app2sd ought to do the trick alright. a2sd+ might clash with it though but there's...
  3. daenney

    MIUI V4 Question...

    As always, no. There are no ETA's and there is nothing known yet. However, as a general rule of thumb, if Cyanogen is going to support ICS/CM9 for your phone, it's likely you'll see a MIUI build too, especially if that device is already available for the Gingerbread build.
  4. daenney

    Contacts does not take fields names from gmail ?

    Indeed MIUI's Contacts doesn't support custom field names.
  5. daenney

    MIUI doesn't obey spn-conf.xml

    MIUI is developed by Xiaomi and is for the most part closed source (except for the parts that need to be open license wise). I'm afraid there's no easy way for you or any of us to get a bug submitted to them. I'll try and get someone to look at it but until then I'm sorry to say you'll have to...
  6. daenney

    MIUI doesn't obey spn-conf.xml

    Are you sure you don't have a syntax error somewhere?
  7. daenney

    SMS background

    Nope, it's working fine on 1.10.28 here so this might be a bug in the theme you're trying to apply. Otherwise, reboot into recovery, wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache and give it another whirl.
  8. daenney

    Chinese when changing PIN password

    This is actually a bug on your side, not MIUI's. I haven't seen that error in ages and I can see in the translation files that there's no Chinese characters left over either. I can't reproduce this on my phone either. Update to the most recent MIUI version, 1.10.28, set the Locale to English...
  9. daenney

    Slidescreen Launcher Mod

    In my case, in stead of bothering with adb or root explorer I just clicked the Gmail.apk downloaded from the XDA thread above, it asked me if it could replace the system version, I said yes and everything worked. And to give you people an idea of how pretty it all is (this is using Pele's mod...
  10. daenney

    [REQ] Calendar

    Hi everyone, I'm looking/hoping for a Calendar mod, basically one that mods the whole Calendar.apk, it should really be a separate application at that. <rant> I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think the UI of the stock Calendar is ugly and archaic, it hasn't changed since...
  11. daenney

    How can i update the ROM without losing my settings and data and apps? Possible?

    The Hboot thing no, that only needs to be done once to get you a more "decent" boot loader. No idea how the RTL-Persian mod works so I can't tell you anything about that one.