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  1. mediaklan

    New Audio import fails for a specific app

    Hi everyone, I'm using a specific app called Spark to play bass with a mini amp of the same brand. Now in this app you're supposed to be able to import an audio file in the video section of the app (in order to record yourself with a backtrack, for example). Along with the Spark support...
  2. mediaklan

    Mi5 Screen Done For ? Known Issue ?

    Thanks a lot GoranCRO. OK so I suppose I don't need this part : I couldn't find any boot.img anyway in the TWRP zip. A pity we have to wipe everything, because since it's a new phone, you actually need to reinstall everything twice - -', one to reinstall everything from your MIUI account for...
  3. mediaklan

    Mi5 Screen Done For ? Known Issue ?

    ibuygou was the first shop I used when I bought a Mi2s. After-Sales were very friendly and responsive (France delivery problem due to a ... french delivery service). OK now, Mi5 received, Global Rom Version: V8.1.4.0.MAAMIDI (MIUI8) installed and phone unlocked. Could anyone please tell me what...
  4. mediaklan

    Mi5 Screen Done For ? Known Issue ?

    You rock. Only the 64gb was available, but that will obviously do right by me. Thank you !
  5. mediaklan

    Mi5 Screen Done For ? Known Issue ?

    Found seller Goldway (seems more than OK to me), but I can't find any black version anywhere.
  6. mediaklan

    Mi5 Screen Done For ? Known Issue ?

    Hmm ... I don't see myself doing the whole geeky thing, but since most of the french shops (I actually found only two) would take approximately one third of the price of the phone to do the same, I think I will just break my wallet and go buy a new one. And do the whole geeky thing anyway. Any...
  7. mediaklan

    Mi5 Screen Done For ? Known Issue ?

    Latest rom here, xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5_7.1.20_v8-7.0. Yep, as mentionned, recovery (TWRP) or rebooting will only produce more random colors. At least I can save some things, for some reason, Fedora will only let me access internal storage from TWRP now (it's quite disturbing to have only access to...
  8. mediaklan

    Mi5 Screen Done For ? Known Issue ?

    So today I woke up early, switch off my alarm and put my phone in my pocket for an hour. This is what I get now on the screen no matter what I try : The thing is, the phone is working. I can hear login sound, notifications, smart bracelet linked (meaning the bluetooth is on) etc etc etc. But...
  9. mediaklan

    MIUI 8.2 7.1.5

    Thank you for the 7.1.5 update. Chrome FC after downloading still there for Mi5 ? Could be an opportunity to try a new browser, what would you recommend please ?
  10. mediaklan

    MIUI 8.2 6.12.8

    I think you have "pocket mode" ON (not sure about the name in English). Update works for me (mi5), but Theme apps keeps complaining it can't access network (wifi or 4g) when network works just fine. I remember a similar problem with AliExpress.
  11. mediaklan

    MIUI 8.2 6.9.22

    @vainroma : lock bootloader ? If locked, then I think you can't avoid it. Thank you everyone involved in these roms ! Question too : what TWRP am I supposed to take for a Mi5 global dev rom ? It seems there are 2 or 3 different versions for Mi5 ?
  12. mediaklan

    MULTI 6.6.23

    There's an issue with aliexpress app (network login problem) and MIUI8, anyone knows if it's still an issue with this update ?
  13. mediaklan

    MULTI 6.5.19

    My brother and I repectively use a redmi 2 and a mi2s, so i would like to thanks all the guys involved in these roms update : Thank you very much all of you for your work ! Very much appreciated.
  14. mediaklan

    MULTI 6.1.7/11

    Hi u all, just wondering, can I flash aries_global_images_V7.1.2.0.LXAMICK_20151221.0000.11_5.0_global and then use weekly roms as usual ?
  15. mediaklan

    Need A Reminder To Go For Latest Mi2s Rom

    Thanks ! Now I remember how i've already done something similar in the past on a previous phone, thanks to your advice ! But is it OK to go straight from MIUI 4.2.15 to MIUI 5.11.26 ?
  16. mediaklan

    Need A Reminder To Go For Latest Mi2s Rom

    Damned ! I should have told everyone first that I'm using Linux, so as far as I know, I can't use miflash. Is it problematic ? Is there another way without the use or need of miflash app ?
  17. mediaklan

    Need A Reminder To Go For Latest Mi2s Rom

    Hi everyone !I need to update a Xiaomi mi2S currently on Miui 4.2.15, with the latest rom available here, but I can't remember what is the exact procedure to do so. I'm getting a little confused about what i've found so far so, can you please me help me trought the steps needed ? Thank you all...
  18. mediaklan

    Mi2S not recognizing headphones are plugged in

    Hi u all ! I suddenly came across this problem a few days ago. When i plugged my headphones in, Mi2S ignored them. I tried two different headphones without success, the ones that come with my phone (white with control buttons) and a koss porta pro. I tried running a song with the music app...