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  1. black_mamba


    I just want to know, any plans on fixing the drivers for WiFi Direct? The devices are searchable(since last few MIUI V5 versions) but still you cannot send/receive anything. :(
  2. black_mamba

    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.8.2 Changelog

    Good amount of fixes. :) I just want to know, any plans on fixing the drivers for WiFi Direct? The devices are searchable but you cannot send/receive anything. :(
  3. black_mamba

    New i9100 android master key vulnerability

    Bluebox is a security scanner app.
  4. black_mamba

    There's a rumor that Wednesday afternoon Xiaomi will anounce XIaomi Tablet

    i doubt that... now, though we have seen some rumoured pictures of Mi3, no one really talked about a tablet from Xiaomi.
  5. black_mamba

    New Wrong contactname on Lockscreen (SMS)

    Yup, this issue still exist. Yet we dunno why or how to resolve! Developer need help here! :)
  6. black_mamba

    Need Help - Installing Miui v5 on Samsung Note(n7000)

    After digging in all forums and locating all files, i have come up with these steps to install MIUI v5 on Samsung Galaxy Note N7000... I just want to know if what im going to do is right? :) Im trying to flash my friends phone, Note n7000(4.1.2)(Rooted)(Stock Android Touchwiz) How To Install...
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    MIUI v5 Preview

    Err, soon boy, asking this question will give you always the same response, "soon".. :P. LOLOLOL
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    though it looks pretty darn lively for now..atleast not orange anymore :p it'd be cool to have diffrnt color miui roms.. :D
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    MIUI v5 Preview

    Wow! coming back to Miui forum after a long time, and to my surprise i love this Green Ui look.. (Y) :D And 2ndly, this V5 version looks amazing, i simply can't to be back on MIUI Rom(cm10.1 is gttn boring now :p)
  10. black_mamba

    Need some opinions

    looks better.. when will we see it used? :)
  11. black_mamba

    how to center clock on miui rom v4 (2.9.28)

    Extended Mod Settings should help... ;)
  12. black_mamba


    does that happens all the time or occasionaly?
  13. black_mamba


    yup, happened to me few times, not often though. possibly because whn u have lot of apps in task manager n your memory is low, it may happen.
  14. black_mamba

    In Progress Music Player High CPU usage

    ok. I dunno what kernel are you guys using.. but on 2.7.6 with stock, music player doesnt hog much memory also it works mostly on 200mhz (and smetimes jumps to 500). FYI, if you r using Siyah kernel, then battery drain will happen as compared to stock kernel, for sure.
  15. black_mamba

    Major Bug Existing in v2.7.13 SGS2

    unnecessarily made a new thread for the same issue tht has been posted twice with solution..
  16. black_mamba

    New SGS2 MIUI 2.7.13 - Copy contacts to clipboard still broken/can't move apps to SD

    i agree, why is this issue of copy contacts to clipboard not being resolved..
  17. black_mamba

    Xiaomi New Miui V4 Lockscreens!

    +1. Works perfect on SGS II...with transparency. just a thot if u could make transparency a bit less opaque... :) (Y)
  18. black_mamba

    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.6.15 Changelog

    Thi Widget for Notes...which you can stick on desktop, that's what it is.
  19. black_mamba

    MIUI on the Galaxy S3

    bring miui v4 on s3 and i'm dumping my s2 for it. :D
  20. black_mamba

    Xiaomi NEW - MIUI Music Player v2 (ICS)

    looks sleek... ;)