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  1. Bozhkovx

    MIUI 14 23.2.6/7

    I get this error (Can't connect to camera. This app will be closed in a few seconds. After this, wait a minute or two o and try again.) when trying to take a photo using the Night Mode function and also using the AI Video mode as well. It sometimes work and sometimes it shows the error and I...
  2. Bozhkovx

    MIUI 14 23.2.6/7

    Can anyone tell me what version of the camera App the weekly rom uses? Mi11 ultra
  3. Bozhkovx

    New Camera App closing itself when using night mode.

    Device is Mi11 ultra (star) Chinese running 14.0.6 stable. Everything else on the phone works except for Night Mode and AI camera on video mode. Sometimes the issue resolves itself and the phone is able to take a few night mode pictures. I have tried deleting Camera app cache, I have...