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    New Bad signal in buildings

    That explains alot, not to do about it right?
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    New Bad signal in buildings

    My knowledge is pretty much non, but I found this. And yes, it is imported....
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    New Bad signal in buildings

    How can I fix that?
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    New Bad signal in buildings

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi 12s Pro running MIUI, gets updates weekly. Ever since I have the phone I noticed me data connection drops when I'm in a building. I came from an OnePlus 8 Pro and never had this issue with the phone, also my girlfriend bought the Xiaomi 13 Pro last week...
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    Still get notifications when mute possible?

    Hello, I got a Xiaomi 12S Pro with the following version running V14. I have I Unifi doorbell, and is working fine. But I want to still get notification sounds only from this app when the phone is on mute. When I'm at work I get alot of message so I turn my phone to mute, but I...
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    MIUI 14 23.3.7

    Come on man!! Still can't use custom ringtones on Xiaomi 12S PRO when i select a custom ringtone it doesn't work...
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    70Mai app not working on Xiaomi 12S Pro

    The problem has been solved! I'm running a weekly update for the Xiaomi 12S Pro and that works with the dashcam again!
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    MIUI 14 23.2.27/2.28/3.6

    everything works great, only i want the fix where i can use custom ringtone and notifications again.
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    MIUI 14 23.2.21/23

    A few things are fixed, but still can't use local ringtones or local notification tones.....
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    70Mai app not working on Xiaomi 12S Pro

    Hello, I have the Xiaomi 12S Pro for a few months now, it came with MIUI 13. Everything was fine, but after updating to MIUI 14 everything went downhill! There were a lot of bugs, a few has been sowhat solved with a workaround. But one of the two problems that aren't solved is the Xiaomi...
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    Xiaomi 12s Ultra notification issue after upgrade to Miui 14 stable

    That didn't fixed it for me. For some reason everything works now. Even with face recognition enabled. I just did a restart of the phone and everything worked. I tried a lot of things before the restart so i can't say for sure what fixed it.
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    Xiaomi 12s Ultra notification issue after upgrade to Miui 14 stable

    I have the same problem! Whatsapp didn't recieve anything until i opend the app. The sender go only one check mark until i opened the app. The unrestricted data, solved that issue. But i don't get any notification untill i wake the phone. Just have to raise it and there are all my messages. But...
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    Xiaomi 12S Pro MIU 14 problems

    Hello, I own a Xiaomi 12S Pro with the following software version MIU TLECNXM. I just updated the phone a few days ago and since then i have a few problems. 1. local audio file set as notifications or ringtone doesn't work anymore. The ringtone is clearly set on a MP3 audio file i...