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    cannot toggle WIFI on

    out of nowhere I cannot enable wifi, internet through data works fine, anyone has solution about this? Xiaomi mi 11 ultra with rom installed miui version
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    Update Mi11Ultra geht nicht/does not work

    Until you reach TWRP everything is done automatically, inside TWRP you have to do all manually by yourself, you just press install then find the downloaded file, click on it and swipe right, after installation you can also delete cache memory optionally, to my opinion do this also, after these...
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    Update Mi11Ultra geht nicht/does not work

    yes I have TWRP installed but my phone is mi 11 ultra, it came with TWRP pre installed from tradingshenzen where I bought it from. I get the update OTA and after it finishes downloading it tells me to install it, I say yes and then automatically it takes me to TWRP where I continue with...
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    Update Mi11Ultra geht nicht/does not work

    fully compatible version of miui 13 is now working with TWRP
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    TWRP and MIUI 13 / Android 12

    After installing miui V13 through fastboot (phone is mi 11 ultra chinese version with installed) will I be able to update in case of a future update OTA through phone menu or do I have to update every time through pc and fastboot? Also after installing miui 13 with fastboot will I be...
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    [HowTo] Install Fastboot image

    from stable vesrion 12.5.20 to stable 13.0.5 should I format data if I update via fastboot (talking about which bat file to run)? Iam asking this cause in your first post you say when updating from stable to stable it is not necessary , thanks in advance.
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    Update Mi11Ultra geht nicht/does not work

    If I update via fastboot do I have to format data also to instal miui v13?