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    Mi 11 Ultra (Bricked?) - Please help

    My 11 Ultra has been dead for over two months now. Now I can't even access TWRP anymore, only the logo. It is, unfortunately, a hardware issue.
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    Mi 11 Pro dead boot

    Your case seems to be more obvious, but what I figured is it has to be more or less related to some CPU/GPU problem. My laptop recognizes the device correctly, it works in fastboot normally, and I can access all files. It isn't motherboard or memory faulty.
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    Mi 11 Ultra (Bricked?) - Please help

    Did it happen to you suddenly just now? Or you know this problem for a while already? Unfortunately, I had no time to go to any repair shops this week, so I wonder maybe you know how much would it cost me to repair it.
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    Mi 11 Ultra (Bricked?) - Please help

    It restarts itself on a TWRP, on a new ROM, and basically on everything besides fastboot, so it seems like it's some hardware issue, sadly. Thanks for the reply anyway. RIP Mi 11 Ultra 2021-2023
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    Mi 11 Ultra (Bricked?) - Please help

    Hi, Today's morning my Mi 11 Ultra decided to brick itself(?) and now I can't turn it on, and the phone is stuck in a boot loop. This case is hard to identify for me as this happened during watching YouTube (no updates, no interference in system files, nothing). I was just using my phone as...
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    MI 11 Pro 12.6. - Camera : Please insert SD Card befor Use

    Hey, have you wiped the data completely in order to do that? I think I have the same problem
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    Netflix bug on 12.5.7 Mi 11 Ultra

    Got exactly same issue with my Mi 11 Ultra. As soon as highest quality is rendered, the whole video gets lagged. Anyone knows the fix?