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  1. mephistozap

    Xiaomi Mi3W 64gb White for sale

    Hi guys I'm getting a new phone for Christmas so I'm gonna be selling my mi3. Up for grabs is a real Xiaomi mi3w 64gb white version. Its in great shape with a tempered glass screen protector and tpu case always used. Its running the latest miui 6 multi lang rom. I'm asking $300 obo...
  2. mephistozap

    Best protective case similar to otterbox

    Hi I was wondering if there is a good protective case similar to a otterbox out there for the mi2? Thanks.
  3. mephistozap

    Xiaomi desvers a spot on xda, Developers please respond

    Hi we all really like our xiaomi phones. It deserves a spot on xda, on of the moderators is asking to see some development for the phone, i know some of yall are members on xda, please come but your input so maybe we can see this phone on xda forums...
  4. mephistozap

    Xiaomi mi2 Battery stuck

    Hi i found a good deal on a xiaomi mi2 and just got it today. I put the battery to just to turn it on and now i cant get the battery to come out to get my sim card in. Any tips would be appreciated thanks (: