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    Wi-Fi not working EVO

    heres my phone/miui/kernal info the wifi just keeps scanning, never finds any network 2 connect 2, even though im rite by my router n my laptop is connected to the network screenshot: i thought i read somewhere "if ur wifi is not working, do _______ to fix it"... i searched but cudnt find...
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    Apps2SD not working

    Update: I just typed the command "a2sd partlist" in terminal emulator, and it shows this ROM does not support ext2, ext3, or ext4. So that means no A2SD on MIUI. Shame really, was such a good ROM. ----------- Original post: I tried out the MIUI ROM yesterday after I read a thread in the general...
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    Cant apply new themes - HTC Evo 4G

    Update: I did a wipe of my phone and reinstalled the ROM, applied the theme first thing, and its all good now. ------------------------ I just changed ROMs to MIUI on my EVO yesterday. Today, I tried to change my theme to the EliteProHD, the installation happen correctly, I am then asked to...