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  1. Henning

    Redmi 6 Problem

    Hi, I just bought a Redmi 6 and unlocked it officially. Installed the TWRP Recovery successfully and tried to flash the Eu Rom. The installation went thru without error messages. Did wipe and format. However after rebooting the phone went into an endless loop. Every 10 sec's it starts again. I...
  2. Henning

    S2 TWRP Troubles

    Hi, so here it goes :rolleyes: Bought an HM S2 direct from Xiaomi , unlocked it officially and hoped to be able to install the EU rom. After several tries I was able to get the TWRP unofficial Version to work, at least shortly. Flashed the last available EU.rom and ending up always in TWRP...
  3. Henning

    Upgrade From Android 6 To 7

    Hi, is there any specific procedure for upgrading a phone from Android 6 to Android 7 ? In my case Mi5S latest Android 6 Version installed ( 7.5.4 ) And now what ? Just install a newer ROM as usual ? Upgrading TWRP first ? If there is a new one available. Tks for input Henning
  4. Henning

    Annoying Message

    Hi, I'm seeing this message on a random basis every now and than "Clear this app data in settings/system apps and try again" I would love to clear the data :-) but it does not say which app. Checking for the system apps also did not help, there was no clue to be found. And the message also...
  5. Henning

    Redmi 4x

    Hi, I recently bought the new Xiaomi Redmi 4X direct from Xiaomi ( in China ) Applied for unlock , received it , unlocked . Installed TWRP & the latest ROM for this phone. All good sofar, but still when I power off and power on with Volume+ pressed I get a lof of Chinese options, one...
  6. Henning

    Tdd Fdd

    Hi, I want to buy a Redmi 2 direct from Xiaomi in China. It should be used later in Germany. The problem is that they offer 3 different version China Mobile / Telecom and Unicom Probably it has something to do with TDD / FDD ? So which version I should order ? Tks Henning
  7. Henning

    Status Bar Icon

    Hi, after upgrading my Mi Note to marshmellow I see a litle Icon in the statusbar between the WiFi Indicator and the Signal strength for phone network which loks like an R in a circle. Any clue or idea what this is trying to tell me ? Tks Henning
  8. Henning

    Fm Radio

    Hi, is there any Xiaomi phone in the present range of models which still supports FM Radio ? Tks Henning
  9. Henning

    Data Usage

    Hi, My phone , Mi4 64GB WCDMA is running the latest ROM Version. Since I started using the autopower off / on function the following is happening. 1. the phone starts as expected at the right time. 2. It's within the range of my Home W-Lan 3. It takes a few minutes and than it connects to the...
  10. Henning


    Hi, how do I take a screenshot on the MiPad ? Latest ROM on board ;-) That question might sound silly, but I did not found any clue yet Tks Henning PS : I mean screenshoot without additional Software
  11. Henning

    System Update to 4.8.22

    Hi my mipad advised me that there is the update to 4.8.22 availbale. However it always fails to update with an error message "update failed, pls reboot nd try again " Anybody else experience this ? Tks Henning
  12. Henning

    Exchange client

    Hi, anybody else experience problems with exchange server accounts & the mail client in the latest ROM Version ? On my Pad it does not connect anymore to our exchange server. Have deleted the account and tried to reinstall it. But it does not work Tks Henning
  13. Henning

    Mi Pad Cancro ?

    Hi, just got my Mi Pad and a bit confused about which Multirom to use. My guess would be cancro. Right ? Tks Henning
  14. Henning

    language disabled ?

    Hi, I see this behind a few languages supported by the Multi Lang Rom"s "German (Bitti09) - Report Bugs - CHANGELOG - Disabled" What does it actually mean ? I use the 4.4.11 on my Mi3 and it works also with german. Any Info ? Tks Henning
  15. Henning

    2 Sim

    Hi,I use the hongmi now for a while and the battery lasts usually 3 days, give or take. Now I inserted a second sim and after 12-14 hrs the battery is mty. Is thst normal ? I can imagine that working with 2 sims drains more power, but ....... :-(
  16. Henning

    Backup gone ?

    Hi, I backed up my phone regular to MiCloud. Sofar everything worked well , even the "move" from a Mi 2S to the Mi3. Now I had to restore my data back to the Mi3 again but all my previous backups do not show up in the list anymore. On the webinterface for MiCloud I can see that there are about...
  17. Henning


    Hi, I have set the phone lock timer to 5 sec and the screen to 30 sec. That would mean the phone will be locked after 5 sec ? But in my case it does not work. The screen is switched off as planned , but it's not locked.Only a while later the phone locks up. Anybody with an idea what is going on...
  18. Henning

    Random Apps open

    Hi, I'm using the Mi3 with 64 GB WCDMA with the up-to-date Multilanguage Rom. It happens quite frequently that when ever I unlock the phone some random apps showing up running. I.e the Stopwatch , musikplayer etc etc . It seems that the screen reacts to touch even so the screen is locked. And...
  19. Henning

    Contact on SIM Card

    Hi, I bought a Xiaomi 2S for my daughter, she was using a HTC before. All contacts have been stored on the SIM Card and are visible on the HTC. The 2S however claims that there are no contacts on the sim card. Any clue on what might be the reason ? The 2S is running the latest Multi Language...
  20. Henning

    Backup -> Restore

    Hi, just switched from Mi2S to the Mi3. I made a backup on the Mi2S and was expecting to find something somewhere on the Mi3 to restore my apps & other data But where ? It said very clearly on the 2S "quickly backup and easily restore yr apps on a new phone " I saved everything with Backup App (...