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    Weather app updating

    I'm using GeometricWeather from GitHub. Open source, no ads, no trackers and better than most commercial apps incl. offical weather warnings . App even works in China. GitHub source code: PlayStore...
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    New MIUI 9.3.7 Netflix problem

    Strange. Try to delete and reinstall Netflix. Also try a slightly older version.
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    New MI8 (stable eu) Google pay broken

    That's good. Your smartphone is OK. Take a look into Google PlayStore -> Settings menu. At the bottom you can see your certification from Google. If this is also OK then it's a Google issue and only Google can help you.
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    New MIUI 9.3.7 Netflix problem

    Do you use an old version? Then you have to update.
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    New MIUI 9.3.7 Netflix problem

    Need more information. "My app don't work" isn't enough. Rooted device? What went wrong? Netflix needs valid SafetyNet certification. Please check your device: It's also a good idea to check Widevine DRM streaming...
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    New MI8 (stable eu) Google pay broken

    Check your SafetyNet compatibility with eg. this app:
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    Mi a2 Lite Notification issue.

    Notifications are broken in Android 8 (Oreo), because Google has introduced an additional "notification layer" on top of all apps. Go to Settings->All apps, search your app, click on it and configure "Notifications" and "Other permissions" to get notifications on lock screen...
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    New MI8 (stable eu) Google pay broken Simply go to Settings->Installed apps. Click right above and select "Show all apps". Search for "Google Play Services" and click on it. Then click on "Clear data"...
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    Invalid Dark mode notifications.

    Until fully functional dark mode is available try theme "Stock [Black Mode]". Theme is available directly from Xiaomi via Settings ->Theme ->Search. Works perfectly and hasn't this issue.
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    New [9.3.7][oxygen][MiMax2]Netflix not working anymore

    Your app is from the year 2017 and designed for KitKat (see link below). Use this old app with an old Android OS. Recent Android no longer supports it. Google has changed a lot since 2017.
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    MIUIdaemon - why not removing by

    I tried to prove MIUIdaemon, but didn't found anything... It's much better to examine then to speculate. Therefore I recorded the last weeks the complete traffic of my smartphone using tcpdump tool. My device is a Redmi 5 Plus with originally global Xiaomi ROM 7.1, updated in January to...
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    MIUIdaemon - why not removing by

    Sure? The user of posting #22 has got (re)boot issues after deleting MiUIdaemon...
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    MIUIdaemon - why not removing by

    Deleting this app is no good idea because of strange issues (see link below). On my phone MIUIdaemon app is frozen - I didn't find any visible impact, only some complaints in logcat about missing performance measuring service. Freezing this app can be done with eg. TitaniumBackup, Link2SD or...
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    Face Unlock

    Yes, that's true. This behavoir comes with stock global ROMs from Xiaomi and with ROMs from here. Also I wonder why there are two active input devices running for FP sensor: "uinput-goodix" and "uinput-fpc" (see /proc/bus/input/devices) No idea whether it's a bug or a feature. I use it as a...
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    Face Unlock

    Potentially it's possible with rooted phone. I've modded my Redmi 5 Plus to map the fingerprint sensor to power button. As a side effect I can switch on power by touching FP sensor with *any* finger. An unregistered finger wakes up lock screen but doesn't unlock. A registered finger unlocks...
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    Separated Ringtone and SMS

    That isn't possible, but you can use custom sounds with different values of loudness. This technique is called ReplayGain. Use the tool MP3Gain for .mp3 files and VorbisGain for .ogg files to set up internal loudness of your custom notification sound...
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    Help for pop up ads!!

    Install Blokada to get rid of advertisement. It's free and open source. f-droid store: website:
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    can't register for xiaomi account...

    That's true. Gmail is one of the rare cases that accept mail from Xiaomi but handle it as spam. Lots of European providers do not and reject emails (GMX, ...). So it''s best to try another provider and collect own mail addresses. That sucks...
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    Unlock bootloader problem

    72 hours since you bound your MI account to your device.
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    Unlock bootloader problem

    The chinese message is: "The phone has not been used for the specified time and cannot be unlocked." You must wait for 72 hours to unlock after you bound your MI account to your device.