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  1. boul

    Phone apk of V4 in GB ?

    Is it possible to instal V4 Phone "answer" app in GB rom ? I prefer the left-right "answer" than drag up-down. Thanks boul69
  2. boul

    [ Request ] A bubble notification for Gmail accounts

    I've seen many times on the web this request for our MlUI ROM: a notification bubble on Gmail (see on a widget to a notification by the fact counts as SMS Unread Count, with a MIUI apperance). I hacked icons suited for this application, but it forces Gmail to install a version modified to be...
  3. boul

    [ Request] MIUI icon wich displays date ?

    Hello, is that a developer would be able and interested, to ensure that the icon displays the calendar date and the day (like Iphone). Maybe with a widget (I know some exist but are not pretty suitable for launcher MlUI). Function with a customizable shortcut to launch a calendar of choice. I...