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  1. Muhamed

    [8.9.6][Max3] Recording calls broke Mi Max 3

    After fresh install from China Beta 8.9.6 to 8.9.6 anything works. Go to call > settings > record all callings > device stop working and only reboot. After few reboots Max 3 shows fastboot. When I go TWRP and try to flash 8.9.6 again, it dosen't work. Updater process ended with...
  2. Muhamed

    [8.9.6][Mi Max 3] Crash/Reboot because of Google services

    Update from 8.8.30 to 8.9.6 -> Google Play/Service/Gboard/YouTube stop working and after few seconds only MIUI boot animation and reboot. After reboot the same problem again and than just boot animation. Clean install with chinese fastboot ROM, TWRP, 8.9.6 ROM (factory reset with...
  3. Muhamed

    Rate weekly ROM - - Mi Max 3

    Flash 8.8.9 dev (beta) China fastboot ROM, TWRP and 8.8.9 with factory reset. 8.8.9 - perfect 8.8.23 - perfect 8.8.30 - random reboots (screen turn black and reboot)
  4. Muhamed

    Mi Max 3 and Magisk with ROM

    Hey I flash 16.7 Beta on 8.8.9 ROM and after some reboots it's still useless (unreal slow and laggy). Did somebody root the Max 3 with Magisk without issue? I read somebody flash 16.0 on 8.8.23 and have no issue.
  5. Muhamed

    Encryption was interrupted and can't be completed after reboot

    Hi I get my Mi Max 3 from ********** with fake/shop ROM (Bootloader already unlocked), so I flash 8.8.9 China dev fastboot ROM over MiFlashTool and get official fresh installed ROM and bootloader is still unlocked. After that I run fastboot format userdata (without that TWRP ask me for password...
  6. Muhamed

    Xiaomi Mi6 In Russia Without B20

    Xiaomi start to sell the Mi6 (64GB/black) in Russia, without B20 :D 06.07.2018 for 29.999 RUB (445€) So I check the homepage and it looks like really they will sell it without B20...
  7. Muhamed

    Tutorial How To Flash Rom [tutorial] and me are not responsible for on any damage. Please do some research if you have any concerns about this tutorial before flashing! When you buy/import a Xiaomi device (smartphone or tablet), than you will get official ROM from Xiaomi or vendor/shop...
  8. Muhamed

    Mi5s Plus - Twrp And Root [zip & Img][natrium]

    You need unlocked bootloader on the Mi 5s Plus to install TWRP and SuperSU! Download TWRP zip (for first installation): - (22MB - 24.11.2016) Download .img (for TWRP Update) -
  9. Muhamed

    Mi5s Plus - Discussion [rom][stable][multi][]

    Here we go... this is a discussion thread for stable ROM rls, for the Mi5s Plus (64 and 128GB). For a clean install, flash China stable (not global), wipe and flash stable ROM with TWRP. After that I wipe again and now we got 100% clean install. After that you can flash updates over...
  10. Muhamed

    Old Mi3 With 4.4 - Howto Flash Rom

    Ola I get a Mi3 for free, with real old Rom, still KitKat. How I go to Rom? Unlock the bootloader with fastboot, flash TWRP and than over TWRP the Rom? I think to flash Mi3 Firmware with Mi Flash, unlock the bootloader on official way isn't needed?!?! Thanks
  11. Muhamed Firmware [erklärung]

    Moin, da viele es nicht verstehen und oft die Frage gestellt wird, hier eine kurze Erklärung dazu... Die Rom ist eine Custom Rom, kein Original von Xiaomi. Aus diesem Grund müsst Ihr euren Bootloader entsperren und TWRP (Recovery) installieren/flashen. Xiaomi selbst bietet genau 4...
  12. Muhamed

    Where To Buy Xiaomi Mi5

    First of all [in China - start 01.03.2016] 32GB/3GB = 1999 RMB = ~ 277,65 EUR 64GB/3GB = 2299 RMB = ~ 319,22 EUR 128GB/4GB = 2699 RMB = ~ 374,88 EUR That's the chinese price. Import price is about + 30 to 100€. First pre-order: 32GB (423€ - EU warehouse) http://s.**********.com/FB7NnIz6 32GB...
  13. Muhamed

    Xiaomi Mi5 Support Lte 800 Mhz (band 20)

    Looks like we got the first Xiaomi device with LTE 800 MHz / band 20! 4G: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8 3G: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8 2G: B2/B3/B5/B8 Wifi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Bluetooth: v4.2 Sim: DualSim (nanoSim) MicroSD: no
  14. Muhamed

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - Multilanguage Rom [snapdragon]

    Did anyone buy the Redmi Note 3 Pro? Here we can talk about Multilanguage ROM for the Pro version, with Snapdragon650/Adreno510. I hope @ingbrzy will be a hero again ^^ - faster - almost the same price - screen looks better (white) - support microSD
  15. Muhamed

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro With Snapdragon 650

    You can pre-order the Note 3 Pro with new camera and new SoC. On AnTuTu you get over 70k score, the new 16MP camera got f2.2 (normal version 13MP f.2.2). 151$ or 138€ you need to pay for the 16GB RAM version. Hope we will get a clean multilanguage rom for the Redmi Note 3 Pro. This will...
  16. Muhamed

    Xiaomi Redmi 3 [multi-language-rom]

    It's official... - Snapdragon 616 / Adreno 405 / @1.5GHz - 2GB RAM - DualSim Support - MicroSD up to 128GB - 4000 mAh (min) 4100 mAh (max) with fast ch. - 5 inch 720p IPS panel - 13 MP main / 5 MP front camera - silber, grey and gold - available 12.01.2016 (China) - ~103€ / Pre-order from EU...
  17. Muhamed

    Redmi Note 3 Multi Language Rom?

    It looks like we can't flash firmware (and any other firmware) on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, because of the bootloader :( @ingbrzy any information for this device?
  18. Muhamed

    Übersetzungskorrekturen | Miui V7 | Deutsch []

    Ganz unten im Beitrag wird euch erklärt, wie Ihr Fehler melden könnt... ---- Es gibt gute Nachrichten - ab Freitag wird Deutsch bei eingeführt. german translation will be included this friday... deadline is Thursday 18:00... Wer zum ersten mal hier ist, der sollte sich erst diesen...
  19. Muhamed

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Sets New Record With Over 1.5 Million Sales

    Today I get my Redmi Note 2 Prime (128GB microsd works) :D It is 100% faster than my Note 4 with TouchWiz.
  20. Muhamed

    Deutschen Übersetzung Für Roms [14.09.2015]

    Hallo, wie bereits in den letzten Tagen angesprochen, gibt es bei keine "German ROMs" für die Xiaomi-Geräte. Das wird sich ab heute ändern, da ich mich bereit erklärt habe, die ROM zu übersetzen. 1. Das Projekt beginnt am 14.09.2015 und ich werde ganz sicher nicht nach 2-3 Wochen...