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    New Screen brightness with night mode.

    When night mode is on, when the audio controls are on-screen the brightness goes down until it disappears. I don't know if that's intended or not but it's annoying nonetheless lol
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    Resolved Pocophone Face Unlock not working/not working as well as before.

    Not only does the red light of the IR blaster not turn on, face unlock works sometimes probably using the camera. Tried to delete and re-add face data, turn face unlock off and on.
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    System-wide DNS setting

    I know that Andoird Pie normally has system wide DNS settings on the advanced network settings, but it appears as though that feature is missing on MIUI. What are the chances that it could be added?
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    [Issue] Ticwatch E connection problems POCO F1

    Again, in this latest version (9.1.10) we got more issues. Copying Google accounts to Wear OS watches (like my ticwatch e) doesn't work.
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    [Issue] Pokemon GO compatibility issues POCO F1

    Before this latest build I was able to play the game normally. Suddenly after the update the game keeps crashing or telling me that my software/OS is not supported.
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    New (Poco) Poco Launcher crashes when pressing and holding on the Fortnite app.

    This bug is very bizarre. Only when I try to move/highlight the Fortnite app, the launcher crashes. Any other app can be moved normally except that one. Error summary: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'boolean' on...
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    [Suggestion/Request] Clearing *all* recents

    For some reason, miui appears to be the only OS (that I've worked with) that when you press the clear button on the recent tab, all apps are closed instead of the one you were using before going into the recents. Is there a possibility that this could be toggled off and on, so that when we clear...
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    Mi Apps

    So, I was wondering, the only way to get the mi Apps is to download the mi market app right?
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    Google sees my PocoF1 as a Mi Mix 2?

    After signing in with my other accounts on my poco, Google says I signed in a Mi Mix 2s instead of a poco. Does this have to do with the Rom or is it just an error?
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    [Suggestion] Something that would drastically increase security.

    Here's a little suggestion. An update inspired by Samsung. When your phone is locked it should require fingerprint/password/face to unlock and then turn off, similar to how Samsung requires you to first unlock then turn off your phone. This would be great, since it would make Google's Find My...
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    Resolved (pocof1) twitter app keeps crashing when trying to launch it

    The twitter app won't open. As soon as I try to launch it, it crashes. This happens everytime I try to launch it.
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    Invalid (pocof1) notch hide option missing.

    The option to hide the notch is missing from the full screen display settings, but can still be seen (not accessed) by searching in the settings app.